5K Run? Nah… 42K Marathon!

Last Tuesday afternoon at 5:30, I strolled inside Nike Park in Ayala. I scanned the Swoosh items, gazed into their sale items, and toured around the aisles. Right beside, checking some sleeveless, Dri-FIT shirts, stood my good friend Dr. Vic Verallo. We shook hands, smiled, exchanged “How are you’s” and talked about the one topic that we never fail to discuss when we meet: Running. I told Dr. Verallo that my wife Jasmin and I were joining this Sunday’s Adidas 5K Run. Are you joining, I asked. He smiled. No, he’s not, and here’s why: Next month, in late July, Dr. Vic Verallo and two others from Cebu won’t be running the 5K. They’ll be running 42.125 kms. The full marathon! They’re joining the Milo Marathon– and it’s Dr. Verallo’s second marathon run. To train, the past two Sundays they’ve ran 30 kms. First, all the way to Liloan; the second, to Mactan, around Mandaue, and back to Cebu City. To Dr. Vic (whom I wrote a full-length article about here), good luck and God bless!

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The Rafael Nadal Blog

The other night past 11 p.m. and over two bottles of Coke Light at Badgers Resto Bar in Banilad, my buddy Dr. Ronnie Medalle and I talked about Rafael Nadal. We analyzed his French Open victory. We exchanged pointers on how Roger Federer could have beaten him the past two Roland Garros finals they’ve met. We marveled at the 21-year-old Spaniard’s intensity. Then Ronnie asked, “Why are you more of a Nadal than Federer fan?” I paused. Good question. Dr. Medalle is right. When the world’s no.1 and no.2 tennis players face each other across the tennis net, I favor the lefty. Why?

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Nike Ad

Remember the World Cup final last year? France versus Italy? When Zinadine Zidane charged like a bull and barged into the chest of Marco Materazzi? Watch this…

I Want that iPhone!

Ever since last January when Steve Jobs stood on stage in San Francisco and waved it to the crowd, billions have drooled at the thought of holding an iPhone. Well… well, finally, in what is considered “the most highly-anticipated consumer gadget in history,” the iPhone will emerge out of the cellphone shadows tomorrow (June 29) in the United States.

I love Apple. I own two iPod Shuffles and an iPod 30G Video. Last year, I purchased a white MacBook. To me–and to millions of Mac addicts around this globe–there is no company that produces more intuitive, more simple, more creative, and more stunning gadgets than Apple.

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10 Golf Tips

1. Back straight and knees bent.
2. Form a loose grip.
3. Keep your head down.
4. Avoid a quick back swing.
5. Stay out of the water.
6. Try not to hit anyone.
7. Let others go ahead if you’ll take long.
8. Don’t stare while others address their balls.
9. Quiet please. Others are preparing to go.
10. Don’t take extra strokes.

Well done! Now flush the urinal, wash your hands, go outside and tee off!

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From Cebu City to Wimbledon

RANDY DEL VALLE is Cebuano. He speaks Bisaya, lives in one of the plush subdivisions in Talamban, and works as a top manager at Shell Philippines. But Randy, at this very moment, is not at his office or at home—he’s in London. For years, Randy—a big, big tennis fan—had longed to watch a Grand Slam event. This week, together with his wife Christine, is that moment. This week, he’ll be sitting on one of the green chairs at the All-England Club and watching the green lawns of Wimbledon. Here’s what Randy e-mailed to me today…

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Another R, not Roger or Rafa, will win W.

If you a) play badminton, b) want to watch the world’s best shuttlers, c) don’t want to spend P18,750 to fly to Singapore, d) can make a quick trip to Manila, then e) I suggest, on your calendar, you encircle “July 18.”

That’s when 428 players from 30 countries—including 26 of the world’s top players (and eight of the Top 15)—will land in Manila to smother, lob, drop shot, feather, and smash that shuttlecock. It’s the $120,000 Bingo Bonanza Philippine Open Badminton Championships from July 18 to 22 at the Philsports Arena in Pasig City.

Flag Football in Cebu? ‘The Sharks’ Devour

Among all the established sports that dribble and bounce in our city, flag football is one of the newest. It’s been passing and running on the grass fields of Cebu for only three years now. It’s still an infant. Right? Not true. The Cebu Flag Football League (CFFL) now boasts of over 550 active members. Quarterbacks. Wide Receivers. Men. Women. Yes, lots of girls join. Spiked shoes. Bandanas. Shin guards. Flags sticking out at the hips.

The other Saturday, on June 9, the CFFL hosted the championship bout–ala Super Bowl of Cebu–between a first-time finalist (The Rebels) against the four-time defending champs and the recent winners of the national championships (The LaserArt Sharks).

The Sharks could not be bitten. Like any shark swimming underneath the ocean, they were too big, too strong, too powerful. They won. But in the women’s side, Madille Salinas led the Dark Angels in a major upset, scoring the only touchdown of the game to beat the Sharkettes, 7-0. She won the MVP.

My good friend and former high school schoolmate Harry Radaza is one of the pioneers and movers of the sport. He’s also the Wide Receiver and Playing Coach of the Sharks. Harry tells me that while Flag Football in Cebu has been around for only three years now, in Manila it’s been circling the football fields for the past five years. And despite that early head start for Imperial Manila–and the fact that they have hundreds of thousands more of residents there–just this year, the Cebu teams (Sharks, for the men; Sharkettes, for the girls) finally beat Manila in the Nationals. Great accomplishment, Cebu!

The next Flag Football event? “All teams have confirmed joining the next league in September,” says Harry. “When the league started it was 5-on-5 with no contact. We have slowly elevated the level of play to finally get to the ultimate format which we first used this season and is here to stay… 9-on-9 full contact downfield blocking. As close as you can get to real NFL football. The only difference is the ball carrier CANNOT be hit. Contact is LEGAL for everyone else.”

Two upcoming out-of-town events, says Harry, are the Borakay Bowl – (5on5 beach flag) from Oct 31 – Nov 2, 2007, and in Panglao, Bohol (4-on-4 beach flag) April 2008. “There will be a CFFL Clinics this August,” adds Harry. “Players interested to join but have no team can contact us at http://cebuflagfootball.blogspot.com.”

Together with Harry are a group of passionate players and aficionados of the sport: Josh Pritchard, Richard Sharpe, Rayner Sangil, Loy De Los Santos, Kyle Thomas, John Paul Chongbian, Brian Lim, and Dennis Unchuan.

Here are the Winners for Season 8…..

MENS: 1st) LaserArt Sharks 2nd) Pyroworks Rebels 3rd) Browning and Sole Cocks. WOMEN’S: 1st) Browning and Sole Dark Angels 2nd) LaserArt Sharkettes 3rd) Pyroworks Bombshells. Most Improved Player: Mens – Sabellon (Rebels) Womens – Melicor (Dark Angels). Rookie of the Season: Mens – Lamban (Sherdogs) Womens – Erasga (Dark Angels). Regular Season MVP: Mens – Tanedo (Rebels) Womens – Salinas (Dark Angels). Superbowl MVP: Mens – Falcon (Sharks) Womens – Salinas (Dark Angels).

Also, watch these amazing YouTube videos: Double Reverse pass trick play to the Quarterback which put us up for good. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P8wt59LbUB8) and a 60 yard Touchdown pass to Celocia (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RF3emqnrhtE). Plus, read this January 22 story by my Sun.Star Cebu colleague, Jade Violeta, entitled, “Cebu’s Flag Football Dynasty in the Making.”

Want to get a glimpse of this sport? Watch this amazing 70-yard touchdown…

Blood? Broken noses? Yes… Not this Football

Among all the sports that dribble, bounce and fly in our city, one of the newest is Flag Football. It’s been sprinting on the green lawns of Cebu for only three years now. It’s still an infant. Right? Not true. The Cebu Flag Football League (CFFL) now boasts of over 550 active members. Quarterbacks. Wide Receivers. Men. Women. Yes, lots of girls. Spiked shoes. Bandanas. Shin guards. Flags sticking out at the hips.

You lost? In Badminton? No problem… Here’s what to say

“My full potential is still asleep.”  … “You can’t make shots I can’t get, that’s illegal!”
“I wasn’t using my own racket.”  … “My foot fell asleep.”
“Someone took my racket!” … “It would be boring if I won every match!”
“The net’s too high.”  …   “Hey, the line jumped!”
“There’s a hole in my racket!”
“I had to let my girlfriend win.”
“The net moved on me.”
“I only win when I play someone I consider a challenge.”

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