King James Unscrews the Pistons of Detroit

At 22 years old, he doesn’t belong in the NBA Finals. Not yet. But he’s done it. Down 0-2 last week, they won the next two games at home in Cleveland. Then, LeBron James exploded in Detroit two days ago with 48 points–including 29 of his team’s last 30 points–to win Game 5. And now, just a few hours ago, I caught the last quarter when Cleveland destroyed the engines of Detroit to win Game 6 and enter the NBA Finals. What a win! The question now is: Who’s going to root for the Spurs?

Steve Jobs vs. Bill Gates

Apart from Sports, my other passion is Tech. I’m no Computer Engineer, didn’t graduate from a Computer Science course, but I love reading and following technology. I own a Treo 680 and Treo 650, a Macbook, a Compaq laptop, I surf the Internet daily and read all news about Technology and Apple. And if you ask me–or any other guy who’s into tech–who the two greatest men are in this field, I’d answer, within a nanosecond, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs.

Vacation? After summer? Try Cagayan de Oro

I’ve talked about Boracay, posted write-ups, uploaded photos. To me, there’s no place in RP more beautiful than this island off the northern tip of Panay.

But there’s another spot–just as pretty, but more exhilarating–that I suggest you visit. From Cebu, it’s only a “sleep away” when you take Trans-Asia or Cebu Ferries. It’s the biggest city (together with Davao) south of Cebu. It has an SM mall, a LimKetKai mall, huge schools, millions of Bisaya-speaking neighbors, and, perfect for tourists who love adventure, it has WHITE-WATER RAFTING.

Dick and Rick Hoyt

One of the most inspiring stories I’ve read is the one of the father-and-son tandem of Dick and Rick Hoyt. Believe me, after reading their story and watching the video below, you’re sure to emerge either of the following: inspired, awakened, you’re wiping tears off your cheeks, you’re stirred off your chair, you want to hug your son or daughter or mom or dad, you’ll want to shout, “IT’S GREAT TO BE ALIVE!”First, read this article “Strongest Dad in the World,” written by one of the best American sportswriters, Rick Reilly (of Sports Illustrated). Then, watch this video…