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The other night past 11 p.m. and over two bottles of Coke Light at Badgers Resto Bar in Banilad, my buddy Dr. Ronnie Medalle and I talked about Rafael Nadal. We analyzed his French Open victory. We exchanged pointers on how Roger Federer could have beaten him the past two Roland Garros finals they’ve met. We marveled at the 21-year-old Spaniard’s intensity. Then Ronnie asked, “Why are you more of a Nadal than Federer fan?” I paused. Good question. Dr. Medalle is right. When the world’s no.1 and no.2 tennis players face each other across the tennis net, I favor the lefty. Why?

I don’t know why. Come to think of it, almost all my life following sports, I’ve always rooted for the undisputed No.1: Michael Jordan, Tiger Woods, Lance Armstrong, Ivan Lendl, Pete Sampras… and this list can go on and on. Unlike many who cheer for the perennial “underdogs” in sports, I’m not one of those.

Plus, that list above of all-time greats, without question, includes Mr. Federer. Then why Nadal over The Fed?

I couldn’t answer Dr. Ronnie. Maybe because he’s trying to beat the record of my all-time-favorite, Sampras. Maybe because Nadal shows such fighting spirit it’s hard not to root for this fighter.

But, in all honesty, I don’t really know.

So here’s another plug for the Spaniard: his daily blog at Wimbledon. It’s interesting. It will captivate fans who can ask any question, no matter how stupid (here’s an example: What types of cake do you make? Nadal’s answer: “Just a normal baked cake with sugar on top.”). Plus, the site is also loaded with details of his daily activities. So, if you’re a tennis fan–even a Roger Federer fan–this is a must-read blog. Here it is.

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  1. Hmm, I think you like Nadal because he’s the one preventing Federer from getting the Grand Slam. Nice pics of Jordan and Tiger by the way.

    I was able to check Nadal’s blog, he really does answer the questions, even the weird ones. Another example is this:

    Q:Would you rather eat two whole tomatoes, or not play tennis at all for two weeks? Why?

    A:Eat two BIG tomatoes. I love tennis and I love to play.

  2. I still think its love at 1st sight partner! those rippling muscles really growing into you! he, he,
    Seriously, your reflection on ol’ pete surely belied how much you idolize the guy. My guess is by the time pete’s record is conquered, your gonna have a transfer of affection to Sir Roger F partner!

  3. Ronnie! HAHAHAHA! With Pete Sampras, I just idolized the guy. I never saw such a complete player… until Roger. But you’re right, when Roger (who now has 10 majors) beats the 14-majors mark of Sampras, I’ll be rooting for the Spaniard… err, Swiss. Hehehe. Thanks

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