Chester Cokaliong

Chester receiving the champion’s trophy from PAL officials at last year’s PAL Intersports

Isn’t he fascinating? Here’s one of Cebu’s top businessmen (Cokaliong Shipping) whose dawn-till-dusk corporate schedule is jam-packed, finding the time to shoot 16 three-point shots and scoring 56 points. I repeat, no typographical error there: Chester made 16 three-pointers, amassed 56 points—all in one game. Stunning. This happened exactly seven days ago when his Cebu Eastern College Alumni Basketball Association (CECABA) All-Stars demolished the Cebu Dental Society (CDS), 130-71.

To add to his feat, Chester also joined the three-point shootout. Can anyone beat C.C. from behind the arc that’s shaped with the letter C? Sure. But their names would have to be Allan Caidic, Felix Duhig or Boy Cabahug. Because when we talk of amateur basketball, he’s unbeatable. And, sure enough, Chester won his 19th 3-point title. Three cheers for the three-point king.

One thought on “Chester Cokaliong

  1. I’m very proud to my former boss Chester
    Cokaliong…. I know he is a good basketball player and nice person. God Bless You always.

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