No Horsing Around

This weekend (Feb. 15 to 17), a big event will kick-off at the Mandaue Reclamation area: the annual Horse Show and Competition now officially named “The Governor’s Cup 2008.” If you want to see cowboys or want your 12-year-old to ride on a pony, visit this weekend. To my brother-in-law Jake Mendez, the president of the organizing group (CEOBSA), good luck. And, doesn’t Governor Gwen look pretty and perfect in cowboy attire?

Here’s the rub: Go get a rub!

Once every week or two, my wife and I sit on La-Z-Boy chairs, recline the seats, perch our legs on stools, close our eyes for 60 minutes and quiet our bodies as therapists stroke our toes. Don’t you love a good massage? I do. After our weekly dinner-date, Jasmin and I visit a spa—a habit that we’ve started two years ago.

Why a massage? First, it feels good. No, make that… it feels really, really good. When you sit on that chair for a foot relax or lie on that bed with face rested, you feel good. Your muscles whisper to your heart, “Ahhhh.” But more than feeling good—and since this is a sports and not a Lifestyle Section article—having a massage is good for the body.

So, did Hingis do drugs?

As I said, you never know. But maybe she did. You see, cocaine isn’t like steroids. No, I’ve never taken it—and never will—but based on what I’ve researched, cocaine “increases self-confidence and creates a type of euphoria” while steroids, well, we know, builds muscles as big as, say, Barry Bonds.

Djokovic the Joker

He is the world No.3 tennis player. He reached the finals of the U.S. Open last month and had a shot at beating the almost-unbeatable Roger Federer. But apart from all his seriousness on-court, he’s funny. Maybe one of the funniest players to appear on the tour in a long time.

Having breached 1.3 million YouTube hits, you’ve got to watch this video clip of Novak Djokovic… (if you can’t watch it below, click on this.)