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Allow me to brag for today and announce that, just now, I’ve joined the Top 10 runners with the most mileage among the Nike Plus users. This goes for the whole Philippines. In my 30 to 39 age-group bracket, I’m No.3 (below). Since I started uploading my runs last August 12, 2007 (or roughly five months ago), I’ve ran a total of 855.57 kms. On to the next goal of 1,000 kms. before we run 42 kms. at the Standard Chartered Hong Kong Marathon on Feb. 17.

6 thoughts on “Nike Plus

  1. Congrats! keep up the high mileage….

    “Running Makes You an Athlete in All Areas – Ready for Whatever Comes in Life.”

    – George Sheehan

  2. Hi John ,wow very impressive! i’m sure the guys in the upper spots will be doing some serious running to make sure they stay where they are!! hope to see your name in #1 soon…..

  3. Congrats John.
    In all sports you have to put in the hard yards(meters) to gain the benefit of what you are trying to achieve.

    Great work keep it up and good luck in Honkers.

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