You lost? In Badminton? No problem… Here’s what to say

“My full potential is still asleep.”  … “You can’t make shots I can’t get, that’s illegal!”
“I wasn’t using my own racket.”  … “My foot fell asleep.”
“Someone took my racket!” … “It would be boring if I won every match!”
“The net’s too high.”  …   “Hey, the line jumped!”
“There’s a hole in my racket!”
“I had to let my girlfriend win.”
“The net moved on me.”
“I only win when I play someone I consider a challenge.”
“The net’s too low.” ….
“The net’s in the way.” …
“I play doubles, so I’m not used to singles.” …
“I was trying a new form.” …
“I have tennis elbow.” …
“I have badminton elbow.” …
“Aren’t we still rallying?” …
“They rigged the game.” …
“That’s my gift to you.”
“It was her first game so I wanted her to feel better.”
“Is that shuttlecock regulation size?”
“You never said go!”
“I learned from the best, I just forgot.”
“I couldn’t concentrate because you were giving me dirty looks.”
“I am honored to be beaten by you.”
“Oh… have we started the real game?”

2 thoughts on “You lost? In Badminton? No problem… Here’s what to say

  1. here’s one more.. “i play badminton to shed some pounds. i dont care about the results.” hehe. just joking. nice quotes though. (“,)

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