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Manny Pacquiao, after nearly four months of non-boxing, has started training in Baguio. With only 7 1/2 weeks left before his May 7 bout with Shane Mosley, it will be another laborious and agonizing time for Pacman.

Eddie Alinea of Philboxing interviewed Freddie Roach last Saturday. “The first day, or the first week for that matter, will be strictly on physical conditioning,” said Roach. “It will be all Alex’s (Ariza) show. Manny will be working with Alex 90 percent of the week.”

Ariza, the fitness coach of Manny, added: “I know Manny. I know that when he starts training he will give his 100 percent attention to it. Of course, like last year, there will be a lot of disturbances owing to his job as a congressman, but we will try to minimize that. He’s proven himself to be a pro in the past decade that we’ve been together and that won’t change.”

Of MP’s “short” preparation, Ariza countered: “For a boxer of Manny’s status, there is no such thing as a short training period. In fact, knowing him, the shorter the preparations are, the better for him. This is because, for many times, he has shown his capability to catch up.”

AZKALS. The PHL vs. Mongolia game will be shown live starting 12 noon today over Studio 23 (replay at 7 p.m.). It will also be shown 3 p.m. on Balls SkyCable 34.

The weather is a factor. Although our players are mostly from Europe (thus, they’re used to the cold), it’s reportedly as cold as -10 Celsius in Ulan Bator, Mongolia.

Targets? “Honestly I expect 2 or 3 goals,” said Phil Younghusband. “Hopefully a better result than the last game.”

MAGSAYSAY. Future Balamban mayor (and today’s Councilor) Dave Karamihan loves running. He runs for public office; he organizes road-running races. He helps run one of the most dynamic of Rotary clubs: Cebu Fuente. (As to running on the road, when, Dave?) Now on its sixth year, here’s Councilor Dave on this weekend’s activities…

“We’re having the Paghandum ni Magsaysay Annual Adventure Trek. Activities start on March 19, Saturday, with a 21K (Climbathon) from the Municipal Oval to Mt. Manunggal. It used to be just 11km but the runners seem to make minced meat out of it so I made it 21km starting from the Poblacion. The last 5-6km is a dirt road.

“This is not your usual 21-km. city road. This is mostly uphill along the Transcentral highway. Water Stations will be aplenty. As for the Executive and Fun Runners, they will have different starting points along the route. Everyone (Open, Exec, Fun) starts simultaneously. Depending on the weather, the last third of the route is covered with fog! So it’s a race to the sky! Prizes start at 10K for 1st, 5k for 2nd, 3k for 3rd.

“On the same day will be the Painting Contest. This is our 4th straight year. Amateur and pro artists converge in nearby Adventure Cafe. In the evening, we party at the campsite. Ala concert at the Rock! Sponsored by SMB, as always, iba ang may pinagsamahan. Free flowing SMB for a Fee! hehe. Buy all you can… not drink all you can! The day after, March 20, we have the Mountain bike race. Race to Manunggal gihapon.

“I have my municipal dump trucks waiting near JY Square to ferry campers and racers in the early morning of March 19 and 20 (bikers). On March 20, I also have the same dump trucks ferrying campers home to Cebu City and Balamban. The campsite has toilet facilities for both men and women. Food stalls abound so no need to bring provisions. Participants are urged to help the local economy, so spend your money, bring your booty (kay concert man), experience the legacy, protect the ecology so leave with nothing but your memory! hehehe.

“This is the 54th Commemoration of the Death of Pres. Ramon Magsaysay. It was March 17, 1957 that his plane, the Mt. Pinatubo, crashed in Mt. Manunggal. So on March 17, we will have simple rites in the site to mark the tragic event. For details, call 3332190 loc 101 and look for Ceres Lozano.”

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