Sayang! How Cebu missed a mega-chance

If there’s one magazine I suggest you buy, it’s this: “A Tribute to The Legend.” On the cover, in black-and-white, is the Congressman from Sarangani raising his boxing gloves after another victorious fight. All of 73 pages of glossy photos and innumerable facts, if you’re a Manny Pacquiao fan—who isn’t except Antonio Margarito?—then you ought to visit Fully Booked or National Bookstore to get one. We know PacMan is the greatest Filipino athlete ever—and his heroics may never be surpassed. And so I consider this P299 booklet a collector’s item—something I’ll show my grandson 28 years from now.
MILO. This weekend and the next, a total of 5,000 girls and boys will kick in sepak takraw, glide through the blue water in swimming, flick their wrists in ping-pong, score a header like Spain’s football team, and smash an overhead badminton lob. It’s back. The 15th Milo Little Olympics, like it does for two Saturdays and Sundays each August, is in Cebu. In total, 207 schools will compete for the golden medallions. Thanks to Nestle.

FACEBOOK. Having resisted joining the cult for years, I finally relented three months ago. Today, like you, I’m one of 500,000,000 users of the most widespread social network in this planet. I don’t get to visit each day. But when I do, what do I do? I scan comments and browse photos. Just this week, I’ve learned a technique to upload multiple photos (I know, I’m a FB latecomer!). And so, to all those who joined last January’s Cebu City Marathon, I’ve posted in my FB never-before-released “01-10-10” photos. Check it out.

MEGADOME. Remember the time when Gov. Gwen Garcia’s father, Pablo Paras Garcia, was our Cebu governor? And how he proposed to build the Cebu Megadome? How I wished the current Representative of Cebu’s Second District made that a reality. Imagine Cebu with a world-class stadium? That’s air-conditioned? With comfortable seats? And electronic timing devices plus a giant LCD screen hanging at the center?

We wish. This thought came to mind while sweating at last Saturday’s opening of the Cesafi. Inside the oven called the Cebu Coliseum, there’s only this good news: you exercise by perspiring as much as the basketball players you’re watching.

I can’t blame the Coliseum owners, Frederick Ong and Atty. Gus Go. They’d have to invest hundreds of millions to cool our bodies and fully-rehabilitate this derelict structure. And the all-important three letters in business—ROI—does not look good. That’s why the Cebu Megadome was essential. We had the money. Pabling Garcia had the vision. Sadly, due to critics, due to the then-Provincial Board’s obstructionist tactics, what we have is the CICC. Good. But not good enough. The Megadome would have been far more productive. Imagine PBA games between San Miguel Beer and Alaska. Volleyball contests by short-shorts-wearing Brazilian hotties. Roger Federer vs. Rafael Nadal (hahaha). Futsal. Badminton’s Lin Dan vs. Lee Chong Wei. Lady Gaga in concert. All possible with the Megadome. Sayanga uy!

TIGER. What’s wrong with him? After winning seven of 11 at the Firestone Country Club in Akron, Ohio (LeBron’s hometown), what does Mr. Woods do? He shoots a 4-over 74 in Round One and, the next day, scores 2-over. Excluding his performance last night (RP time), he’s tied for 75th place out of 81. Unbelievable. Tiger is 6th… to the last!

Is it the impending divorce? The worldwide condemnation? Maybe. One thing’s for sure: Golf is mental and what’s damaged is the tissue found between Tiger’s ears. It used to be his strength. The CPU that his body accessed like a computer to win. Now, that CPU has malfunctioned. Inside, there’s a virus. And this disease inside his brain is affecting his putting… everything. And with TW about to lose the No.1 mantle to Phil Mickelson and with him turning 35 years old this December, can he still break it? I mean, his 14 majors overtake the 18 of Jack Nicklaus? While we thought this was 100 percent sure—before a Cadillac SUV smashed a tree—now, we’re unsure. So is Tiger. Mr. Unsure.

John Pages

By John Pages

I've been a sports columnist since 1994. First, in The Freeman newspaper under "Tennis Is My Game." Then, starting in 2003, with Sun.Star Cebu under the name "Match Point." Happy reading!

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