‘A lie told often becomes the truth’

Vladimir Lenin said those words. They’re sad, but often true. For all this talk about Manny Pacquiao taking drugs is sad… and untrue. MP’s been tested, retested, possibly hundreds of times; he’s voluntarily, throughout his 15-year career, submitted to urine tests and blood extractions and never once, in any lab from Vegas to Vigan, tested positive. Pacman is drug-free. The only “drugs” that boost his punches are his internal spirit and supernatural work ethic.

Lies, lies, lies. They’re all lies, what Floyd Mayweather Sr. said about MP injecting chemicals. This was seconded by his son, Jr. Then the allegations were worsened by Paul Malignanni who, last December, said, “I’m taking facts and I’m putting them together and they don’t just make sense to me. I don’t have all the facts obviously he’s passing the tests (mandatory drug tests before every fight). Let’s keep in mind there plenty of things you can do to beat drug tests and there’s plenty of drugs and steroids that are not detectable.

“At the smaller weights he was very good but he was beatable but now he has gone up in weight and he’s not just beating guys and he’s crushing world class killers. He’s absolutely crushing them! He’s obviously become a Superman and people say but steroids won’t make your chin feel better, yeah, but there’s things that can make you feel like you’re on speed or something. There’s things out there that make you feel like that.”

It’s true: Pacman is Superman. It’s true: Pacman is crushing ‘em. But what’s a giant lie is this steroids issue. And now, just days ago, this latest uppercut coming from Ricky Hatton.

“A few years ago he was getting knocked down by little men like Marquez,” said Hatton. “Then all of a sudden he is knocking out Oscar de la Hoya, myself and Cotto, who are powerhouses in comparison… I could have had those rules, but I wasn’t bothered. Maybe in hindsight, I should have done I must admit, I fancied my chances against Manny… It is a little bit strange. He could be on what Floyd is accusing him of (performance-enhancing substances), or it could be that he is just a great fighter who has improved. We will never know.”

Sore loser!!!!! Again, all these allegations are fabrications. Never has Manny tested positive. Unlike, for example, the case of Lance Armstrong, where his colleagues admitted cheating and his sport is where drug use is most widespread, thus, these issues validly arise, with MP, there is no tinge or sign or shade of any type of EPO use.

It’s just one loudmouth in Mayweather Sr. shouting a deceitful story, then his Jr. “seconds the motion,” then Malignanni adds fire to the burning lie, then Hatton’s fable. Behind all this, we know the truth: Floyd is a coward. He’s instigating these lies because he’s scared.

John Pages

By John Pages

I've been a sports columnist since 1994. First, in The Freeman newspaper under "Tennis Is My Game." Then, starting in 2003, with Sun.Star Cebu under the name "Match Point." Happy reading!

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