Me’Anne Solomon

“The Scariest Alphabet Letter Many Don’t Want To See,” an article I wrote in July 12, 2005…

Lance Armstrong owned a $1 million Texan home and a French villa with a ravishing blond girlfriend swimming in its pool. He pedaled home the World Championship crown; sprinted first to snatch Tour de France stage victories. He was such a European celebrity that he couldn’t walk down Paris without getting swarmed. He was the world’s No.1 cyclist.

Then it struck… Mary Anne Alcordo-Solomon couldn’t have enjoyed life better. With husband Tito, she spent lots of hours with her teeners Ma-ann, 18, and Mikey, 16. For eight years, she was one of the most active at the Rotary club, rising to the top spot as the district secretary. Back in the office, she owned and managed the billboard giant Alcordo Signs, one of the largest outside Manila.

ACTIVE ZONE at Ayala Center Cebu

This October will be exciting. Apart from Barack Obama trying to convince the IOC officials to choose Chicago in 2016 (and Brazilian President Lula Da Silva reminding the delegates that never before has a South American nation hosted the Olympics), this month will be fascinating.

Here in Cebu, we will see, for the first time, the opening of an all-sports, all-lifestyle, all-wellness center. The venue? Ayala Center Cebu. Remember the former Ayala Food and Entertainment Center, where the likes of Ratsky and Don Henrico’s and Tequila Joe’s used to be found?

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Pink October

Real men wear pink. So says my daughter Jana. And so I wear pink. Once in awhile. But this month, I hope to wear pink more often. The reason is obvious: It’s Pink October. It’s that time of each year when one color shines brighter than gold, yellow or silver. Why Pink October? Because this is the month that’s also termed, “Breast Awareness Month.”

Me’Anne Alcordo Solomon, one of the most animated and charismatic people that you can meet in Cebu, is the leader of this yearly movement. The reason why Me’anne is so involved? She herself, back in 2004, was a victim of the scariest alphabet letter that anyone wouldn’t want to hear: C. The Big C. Cancer.

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