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Real men wear pink. So says my daughter Jana. And so I wear pink. Once in awhile. But this month, I hope to wear pink more often. The reason is obvious: It’s Pink October. It’s that time of each year when one color shines brighter than gold, yellow or silver. Why Pink October? Because this is the month that’s also termed, “Breast Awareness Month.”

Me’Anne Alcordo Solomon, one of the most animated and charismatic people that you can meet in Cebu, is the leader of this yearly movement. The reason why Me’anne is so involved? She herself, back in 2004, was a victim of the scariest alphabet letter that anyone wouldn’t want to hear: C. The Big C. Cancer.

I recall the words of Me’Anne when I interviewed her four years ago and related her story to Lance Armstrong’s. Said Me’anne: “Like Lance, I don’t regret this chapter of my life where cancer is no longer an enemy but a friend… With the rollercoaster of emotions that I went through, I felt at peace when I accepted what I had and surrendered everything to the greatest physician and savior.

“When you discover you have cancer, you have a choice: You can prepare to die or you can prepare to live. I chose to live. I live not for myself but for my husband, my kids, my family, my friends, the cause, my fellow survivors and the beneficiaries of our Rotary projects.”

And Me’anne has lived life to the fullest.

This October will be loaded with sports activities. On Sunday (Oct. 4), it’s the Pink October Run. Open to runners, there will be 1K, 3K, 5K and 10K divisions. The start and finish lines will be at The Terraces (near Starbucks) of the Ayala Center Cebu. Registration is now on-going at the Think Pink Desk in the Ayala mall or you can also call 516-2035 or 232-0380.

The Pink Run, which fires off at 6 a.m., is organized by the Phil. College of Surgeons, headed by the well-liked Dr. Peter Mancao, who is also the group’s president for Cebu-Eastern Visayas. Also helping out organize are the Rotary clubs of Cebu Fuente and Cebu Gloria Maris.

After running, there’s golf next Wednesday, Oct. 7. “Pink Tee,” it’s called, and the venue is the Mactan Island Golf course. This is organized by the surgeons of Chong Hua Hospital together with Icanserve and RC of Cebu Fuente. Finally, a “Pink Bowling” tournament on Oct. 25 at the SM City-Cebu bowling center.

This October, wear pink, think pink, be in the pink of health.

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