2nd Sonny Young Friendship Games

Tony Quisumbing, one of the closest friends of my father-in-law, Jack Mendez, sent me an e-mail two days ago. A tennis aficionado who whips his racket at the same club where Ray Patuasi, Dodong Gullas, Mark Yang and Gerry Sta. Ana strut, Tony Q. is helping organize “The 2nd Sonny Young Friendship Games.”

For those who swing forehands at the Cebu Country Club, Sonny Young was a jovial and gregarious pal. But shock of shocks, one afternoon a few years back while playing the sport he’s relished for decades, Sonny collapsed after sprinting to retrieve a drop shot—then died of cardiac arrest.

And so this Saturday, Sept. 6, a tournament in honor of Sonny Young will be held at the Country Club.

“Players from Casino Español, Sancase and Cebu Country Club will join. Games start at 3 p.m., dinner will follow at 7 p.m. to include plenty of raffle prizes courtesy of Gaisano Metro,” said Tony Quisumbing. “Sylvia Young, the widow of Sonny, and daughters Marie, Cathy and Trixy will be with us again, just like they came last year.”

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