Glendale Tennis Club visits Casino Espanol de Cebu

Last January, at around the time of our Sinulog, a group of men and women from Glendale, California, held a friendly tennis encounter with our very own Casino Espanol de Cebu tennis group. The original schedule, January 19 (the day before the Sinulog), rained out so we moved it to Jan. 21, the day after the biggest party and celebration of the year in Cebu. It was competitive, exciting, filled with serves, volleys, lobs and smashes, and both groups enjoyed each other’s company. Thanks to Brian Bailey, who helped facilitate his Glendale group’s visit to Cebu, we had an ace of a time!

Brian Bailey (left) with Joe Camaya, president of the Casino Espanol de Cebu tennis group

From left: Choy Roman and Danny Almoguera (from Glendale) and Romy Alejandro and Donald Ruiz (of Casino Espanol)

From left: Jane Caldito, Lotte Bailey, Zeny Roman, Inday Rilloraza and Christine Almoguera

From right: Romy Alejandro, Zelda Ruiz, Donald Ruiz, Jimmy Escano, Edwin Alvarez, Ampong (standing) Jeffrey Dico

Danny Almoguera and Choy Roman with Paquito Borromeo and Jimmy Escano

Brian Bailey (far right) with (standing, from left) Romy Salumbides, Randy Kasamoto, Bobbie Garcia, Johnny Caldito

Brian Bailey (left) with his son together with Joe Camaya and Edwin Alvarez

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John Pages

By John Pages

I've been a sports columnist since 1994. First, in The Freeman newspaper under "Tennis Is My Game." Then, starting in 2003, with Sun.Star Cebu under the name "Match Point." Happy reading!


  1. Dear Tennis Lovers
    My name is Abi (F K BIARD) I just arrived in the Philippines yesterday! FIRST TIME EVER IN YOUR BEAUTIFUL COUNTRY! I am French, a missionary for many years and joining a beautiful mission here in Cebu called Channel of Hope and will be living here (check the web site). For the last 9 years I was a volunteer and a missionary in West Africa / Senegal. It is quite a challenge for me to come here but I already feel in my heart and soul that it wont be long before I feel ‘at home’ here and my heart is already ‘ticking’! Now what I would really appreciate from you is some infos about where I could play tennis? I live in Cebu City / Guadalupe/ Happy Valley where the team is based. Thank you for taking the time to read this note and for answering me as soon as you can and I pray we will meet someday! God Bless you! Abi

  2. Hello! The picture is so nice. I’m willing to enter a tennis club and learn some strokes. Since I am on my sixth grade, I have wished to try playing tennis and now I’m first year high school. i am looking for a training center for tennis.

  3. o am a tennis player a 4 rating and i want to know where i can play tennis when im here in cebu with my girlfriend, i visit cebu three times a year im here now thank u

  4. My family will be visiting Cebu this summer. My son who is 14 years old plays tennis. I am wondering if you allow non club members to play at your club, and if yes do you rent tennis rackets? My son does not want to bring his own racket for a such a long trip. …Thanks you

  5. I live in Guadalupe, Cebu city.
    I wonder if you could reply to me to tell me where i could play tennis in my area.
    Thanks…Jim……….61 years, american

    1. Jim, hi! Best place would be at the Baseline Tennis Courts along Juana Osmeña road. It’s not at Guadalupe but it’s near. They have two clay courts there.

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