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I never used to drink one of the world’s most popular drinks. Every time I step inside Bo’s Coffee or walk beside a Coffee Dream kiosk—with no offense meant to Steve Benitez and Glenn Soco, my good friends who own our two most popular and home-grown coffee shops—I stare at the menu, pause for three seconds, and signal to order the same hot drink each time. Not cappuccino. Not cafe latte. Not a shot of espresso. But, yes, as corny as it sounds, a glass of hot tea.

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The Mizuno-Shell Sinulog Half-Marathon

The biggest day of the biggest week of the biggest time of the year is near. On Jan. 20—next Sunday—Cebu will be swarmed with Sto. Niño devotees, foreigners, San Miguel beer, fireworks, Y101 helicopter rides, street-dancing, SM and Ayala midnight-shopping, face painting and, yes, running.

Running? Yes, no misprint there; amidst all the revelry arrives one of the biggest running events in 2008: the Mizuno-Shell Sinulog Half-Marathon. And you should join it! Why? Why join a run? Why the 21-K half-marathon? Why Cebu? And why during the Sinulog? Here’s why…

Cebu Executive Runners Club

Last Friday (Jan. 4) at the Casino Espanol, the group of men and women who love the sport of running held their annual party and Induction Ceremony. The Cebu Executive Runners Club boasts of several members who’ve finished the full 42-K Marathon. Here are the pictures sent to me by one of the group’s pioneers, Dr. Vic Verallo.

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Here’s the rub: Go get a rub!

Once every week or two, my wife and I sit on La-Z-Boy chairs, recline the seats, perch our legs on stools, close our eyes for 60 minutes and quiet our bodies as therapists stroke our toes. Don’t you love a good massage? I do. After our weekly dinner-date, Jasmin and I visit a spa—a habit that we’ve started two years ago.

Why a massage? First, it feels good. No, make that… it feels really, really good. When you sit on that chair for a foot relax or lie on that bed with face rested, you feel good. Your muscles whisper to your heart, “Ahhhh.” But more than feeling good—and since this is a sports and not a Lifestyle Section article—having a massage is good for the body.

Running alongside Chris Aldeguer

Last Sunday, we ran. Starting at 5:30 a.m., we jogged a few circles inside Cempark then headed for the Asiatown I.T. Park where, at that early hour, dozens stretched, trotted and biked. Next, we scooted along Juan Luna Ave. then entered the Cebu Business Park and weaved ourselves around the Ayala Center and Marriot Hotel. A few more turns until we scrambled back to finish in Banilad.

My watch? It read 8:15. Nearly three hours had passed and, yes, sweat still dripped off our shorts as our legs continued to push forward. Then, just 100 meters before we finished the 28-km. trek, Chris Aldeguer blurted the question, “Don’t you ask yourself sometimes why you’re doing this?”