ALA Boys back with the World Cup

AJ Banal

Last night, a Wednesday evening, I was at the Marriot Hotel from 9:30 until 12 midnight. The ballroom was jampacked. Cameras clicked. Eyes enlarged at the sight of the men seated on the Presidential Table. Their names? Boom-Boom. AJ. Michael Domingo. Z. You know them. Watched them last Sunday. They arrived just yesterday from the U.S. and, after a few hours of speaking with the Manila press, they flew back home… to Cebu. It was a gathering with the press. Boom-Boom was honest in defeat. The others jubilant in victory. Enjoy these photos…

Boom-Boom with trainer Edito Villamor and my fellow columnist, Atty. Jingo Quijano


Sammy Gello-ani (center) with Bobby Inoferio (left) and Dong Secuya


Michael Aldeguer (left) with Jingo Quijano


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