Wall-Climbing in MetroSports

If there’s one activity I recommend all parents convince their children to try, it’s this: Wall-Climbing.

At first, staring high up at the 21-foot climb, your eyes pop wide open, your heart pounds, and your palms sweat. You’re scared. And that’s OK. That’s normal. Aren’t we all scared trying anything for the first time? But after a few horizontal walks up the wall, you gain confidence. You smile. You say to your inner self, “I can do this!” And you do it.

MetroSports in Lahug is one safe, huge, and non-expensive place to try it. Their activity is manned by experts and it costs only P110 for four hours. Not bad. So let your child try it. Try it yourself. Even better: try it both, side by side. Your child will smile at herself, she’ll smile at you, and you’ve bonded–at 21 feet above the floor.

My daughter Jana (right) with her classmate Hiroko

John Pages

By John Pages

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