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MCWD executives watch the Australian Open


Noel Dalena, Wawa Teñedo, GM Mandy Paredes, Ernie Delco and Mike Balazo

Ernie Delco is one of the highest-ranking officials of the company that provides you, me and 700,000 Cebuanos with a resource that, without which, we will die in a few days’ time: Water.

Metropolitan Cebu Water District, or the MCWD, as we all know it, is the water utility firm and Mr. Delco is the Assistant General Manager for Operations. Last week, an amazing experience Ernie went through…. Continue reading MCWD executives watch the Australian Open

P250-million surplus? It’s time we fix the oval


Mayor Tommy Osmeña, Acting Mayor Mike Rama, Cebu City Councilors Jack Jakosalem, Yayoy Alcoseba and the entire Cebu City Council: Let’s rebuild our Cebu City Sports Center track oval now!

Built in 1994 by Mayor Tommy and spearheaded by then-Councilor Joy Augustus Young months before we hosted the Palarong Pambansa, our rubberized track oval’s life span is 10 years. Using simple math, this means that, five years ago—in 2004—when our maroon-colored sports circle exhibited signs of weariness when wrinkles sprouted and corrugated lines bloomed, it should have been overhauled.

Should have been. Because here we are, 15 years after it was constructed, and it’s the same rubber that’s glued. Continue reading P250-million surplus? It’s time we fix the oval

Guinness World Records gives Barotac a kick


I was born in the land of La Paz batchoy and the Pancit Molo. A city where, before dining, residents utter the lines, “kaon ta-e!” “kaon ta bala” or “kaon ta anay!”

Iloilo City, it’s named, and, as a child, I have fond memories of lighting up fireworks on Dec. 31 or trekking on a bike during the month of April.

These recollections flashed before my mind when, while scanning through the online news yesterday, my eyes widened and my smile reached ear-to-ear when I read this The Philippine Star title: Ilonggos break soccer marathon record. Continue reading Guinness World Records gives Barotac a kick

Sinulog Half-Marathon Photos

Photos courtesy of Dr. Vic Verallo and Meyrick Jacalan

Mizuno-Asia Miles Sinulog Half-Marathon 21K Men’s winners (from left) Rogelio Reli, John Dueñas, champion Angelito Sibayan, third placer (and last year’s champion) Elmer Bartolo, Rene Desoyol, Vicky Yue of Cathay Pacific/Asia Miles, Paolo Cagalingan of Mizuno and Dennis Lu of Philam Life. The Sinulog Run, held last Saturday (Jan. 17) at the Asiatown I.T. Park, drew a total of 1,223 runners. Continue reading Sinulog Half-Marathon Photos

1,223 runners dance to the Sinulog Run beat

Jonathan Guardo ran. Not in the elections—not yet—but yesterday at 5:30 a.m. So did Jerry and Jeson, his brothers. Joel Garganera, with thick biceps that convinced spectators he was an Ironman triathlete, joined. Same with Boying Rodriguez. And Lahug barangay captain Mary Anne de los Santos. My favorite physician, Ronald Eullaran, wore the yellow sleeveless shirt alongside his wife, Raycia.

In all, over a thousand runners hurried to the Asiatown I.T. Park before the sun shone to participate in one of the year’s largest—and most festive—road-running races: the Mizuno-Asia Miles Sinulog Half-Marathon. Continue reading 1,223 runners dance to the Sinulog Run beat

Sinulog Run this Saturday

The Mizuno-Asia Miles Sinulog Half-Marathon is only four days away! To those who have yet to register for the January 17 (Saturday) run—which includes both the 5K Fun Run and the 21K Half-Marathon—enlist today. Registration areas are the ff: Mizuno shop at the SM City, Holiday Gym & Spa in Banilad, the Cebu City Sports Center (PSC office) and the Sug-Angan Restaurant along J. Llorente St. The Sinulog Half-Marathon is touted as one of the most fun and festive road races of the year… so join today! Continue reading Sinulog Run this Saturday

The Fantastic Four: Novak, Roger, Andy and Rafa

When Jasmin and I watched him play last August, he was a disaster. Facing the unheralded Lu Yen-Hsu (yes, Hsu is this guy?) of Taipei, Andy Murray lost 7-6, 6-4. In the first round. Representing the great Great Britain. During the Beijing Olympics. Minutes after that loss, I recall stepping out of Court One of the Olympic Green Tennis Centre and seeing Andy’s mother, Judy Murray, walking alone. I considered approaching her to say hi but, after that desolating loss, I’d bet she was in a foul mood for a chit-chat.

Continue reading The Fantastic Four: Novak, Roger, Andy and Rafa

Lift weights! Seven reasons why we should

Two weeks ago I bought myself a Christmas present: a bench press set with barbell and weights from JB Sports. With the dumbbells that I previously kept, I hung a full-size mirror on the cement wall, installed a portable speaker for the iPod Nano and created for myself a mini-gym at home.

Strength-training. Is it essential in sports? To musclemen like LeBron or Manny P. or Nadal—we know that weight-lifting has elevated their status to the top-most echelon of sports. But, to you and me, ordinary folks, is lifting weights important? To our fitness? Continue reading Lift weights! Seven reasons why we should

Want it ASAP? Look for Meyrick and Perl

Registration for the Mizuno-Asia Miles Sinulog Half-Marathon ’09 is now on-going. Apart from the Cebu City Sports Center and Sug-Angan Restaurant, two other registration centers have been added: the Mizuno shop at the SM City and the Holiday Gym & Spa in Banilad. Two categories are offered: the 5K Fun Run and the 21K Half-Marathon. Either distance is perfect. For those wanting a quick sweat under one hour, the 5,000-meter run is ideal; for those seeking a long-distance workout of two or more hours—go for the Half-Marathon. Scheduled next Saturday, January 17—the morning before Sinulog—the start and finish lines will be at the Asiatown IT Park. This event is organized by the Cebu Executive Runners Club, headed by its president, Jesse Taborada. But, being part of the CERC, I’d also like to commend the help of the co-organizers of this run: Meyrick and Perl Jacalan.

Continue reading Want it ASAP? Look for Meyrick and Perl

Men’s Tennis Open in Bohol

The town of Ubay, Bohol—where my father-in-law, Atty. Jacinto “Jack” Mendez, was raised and continues to visit almost monthly—will play host to a major event: the Mayor Eutiquio Bernales Cup National Open Tennis Tournament. Scheduled from January 21 to 25, a total of P50,000 in prize money is allocated for the participants which, apart from top Cebuano netters like Bo Alburo and Michael Quiñones, will include high-ranking stars Johnny Arcilla, Elbert Anasta, Alexander Lazaro and Ricardo Lagac. The champion will receive P20,000, the runner, P10,000; and the semifinalists and other good performers won’t go home empty-handed. What’s best is that all out-of-town players will be accommodated in Ubay, Bohol for… free! Yes, free housing and free food will be showered upon all players. To top it all, this is a Philippine Tennis Association (Philta)-sanctioned tournament. For now, the singles event is guaranteed but a doubles tournament might also be played during the same week. All interested must register soonest. Call the event organizer, Tngardz Uy at 0920-6049060.

‘All set for Sinulog 21K,’ by Raffy Uytiepo

At The Freeman newspaper today, this article was written by the Dean of Cebu Running, Raffy Uytiepo… CEBU – It’s all systems go for the 2nd Cebu Sinulog Half – Marathon that fires off on January 17 at the Asiatown IT Park. After deliberating whether to move the race, due to time constraints, the Cebu Executive Runners Club, organizers of the race decided to stick with the same week as the Sinulog Festival in order to give out-of-towners a chance to witness the world – class festival. Continue reading ‘All set for Sinulog 21K,’ by Raffy Uytiepo

Armstrong pedals for another Tour de Lance ride

Ask me for my shortlist of five all-time sporting greats and this I’ll answer: One is currently the world’s No.1 pound-for-pound boxer, the other got knee-injured in golf but is now recuperating; the three others are long-retired: there’s a forehand specialist named Pete, a slam dunk champion first-named Michael and a cyclist who should have died in 1996. You all know them, right?

Well, here’s the good news. One of those three retirees is coming back… Continue reading Armstrong pedals for another Tour de Lance ride