4 thoughts on “Noel Villaflor

  1. Hey John! Long Time since I’ve been here, but I have been reading your articles on the newspaper though.

    Yea I just noticed he’s writing again after just picking up the paper a few hours ago. Now if we can just get Homer back.. Hmm 😀

  2. Noel is an avid follower of football and will be welcomed by the thousands in Cebu and elsewhere who read Sun.Star and follow soccer. Thanks!

  3. Noel,

    Kumusta. I never thought I can see you here with lots of articles. Where in the world are you now? I’m in the states now but I’m coming back to Cebu this August let me know if you like to get together with an old childhood friend. a coffee. Drop me a message at markseno@yahoo.com


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