Cebu Volleyball Photos

Jun San Juan, the Vice-President of the Cebu Volleyball Association (CEVA) and the husband of one of Cebu’s all-time greats in volleyball, Marichu San Juan, sent me these photos of the various events CEVA has organized. Together with Governor Gwen F. Garcia and CEVA President Glenn Soco, this organization has done a lot for Cebu sports. Check out these photos…


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  1. Hi my name is Frederick James Ramirez. I am a filipino native born and raised than moved to Guam at the age of 6 years old. I currently reside in Honolulu Hawaii and I am currently training for the upcoming 2012 Summer Olympic to be held at London England. I don’t know anyone in Cebu but I would like to possibly relocate and hope to represent Philippines in 2012. Please let me know what steps I must take in order to try out for 2 man beach volleyball into qualifying for Philippine Beach Volleyball National Team. Thank you Very Much.

  2. hi james,

    i have a good friend in philippine beach volleybal team. his name is jonrey sasing. you can reach him thru facebook. just try to search his name and inform him about your intentions. good luck!

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