This is not a handcuff!

It’s the Baller ID to be given for free if you join this Sunday’s M.O.V.E. 5-K Run that starts and ends at the Cebu Capitol grounds. MOVE, of course, as aptly worded by Dr. Renald Ramiro, stands for Making Ourselves Vigilant to Exercise. What a perfect definition. Apart from the Baller ID, participants (with a registration fee of P200) get to receive a good-looking singlet (below). Register today at 255-5555 local 230 or 343-3333 local 8131.

5 thoughts on “This is not a handcuff!

  1. Well, my knees and feet hurt like the devil but I have pushed myself to run 5k lately. I’m still clocking at 40 minutes though, a regression from last year’s race time of 32 minutes. I know I can cut the time down when I’m competing; you know how that is when the adrenalin kicks in; it can make anyone fly, so to speak. Hope there’ll be more of those 5k races while I’m in Cebu.

  2. Bebot, when you’re here during Sinulog 2008, there’ll be a Sinulog Half-Marathon race that will feature a 21K, 10K and, if I’m not mistaken, a 5K. Date set is Jan. 19.

  3. I knew about the Sinulog Marathon on the 19th and if I’m not mistaken it will start early in the morning. Unfortunately, the race will be over by the time I arrive at noon that day. Sayang! Keep me posted if something new crops up. Thanks!

  4. Sinulog Marathon? wow! thats one race ill be looking forward to run, if ever i get to come home on a January. Maybe not till 2010 haha! hope the race will still be runnin that year. More Power!

  5. Yes, this Jan. 19, there’ll be a Sinulog Half-Marathon. But the long-term goal is to have an annual international Sinulog 42-K Marathon each January. Hope you can join that next year, Lence!

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