Our Sports Center needs repair…. Fast!

These two photos are the running track of our beloved Cebu City Sports Center. Built in 1994, that’s 13 years of sun and rain and heat and storms. The life span of the track oval? Not more than 10 years, says the center’s manager, Ricky Ballesteros. Before injuries befall our runners, joggers and walkers, we need to change the track.

One thought on “Our Sports Center needs repair…. Fast!

  1. Hi John,

    I just checked your site and I find it so so so

    love all sports specially tennis.

    Good thing you seen it all sir!

    If you would like to have some alalay when you’re going abroad most especially if you’ll
    watch NBA game please please bring me with you. lol

    Neway, I have your site on my bookmark.
    I’ll check once in a while.

    ei, I read your column about watching a Celtics game! Can you post some pix sir? please.

    Thank you.

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