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I got a response yesterday from Alex Rañola, a good friend and one of Cebu’s pioneers (and best players) in badminton. Here’s Alex:

“The direction now of the Philippine Badminton Association, headed by no less than Vice President Jojimar Binay and MVP, Manny V. Pangilinan, with Sec. Gen., Rep. Alby Benitez, is to produce world-class badminton athletes for the London Olympics (which we did not qualify yet) and other future international tournaments.

“PBA also hired former Olympic Gold Medalist (men’s doubles) Rexy Menaiky of Indonesia to train our national athletes. He was tasked to go around the country to scout for young potentials to be trained in Manila together with the National Players. So, parents, watch out for the dates when Rexy will visit your province!

“They launched the PBARS Tournament nationwide since the last 2 years to scout for local champions to be rated with points and assigned a permanent PBARS  number for the ranking. Whoever lands in the top 3 will be trained and will represent the Philippines for all international tournaments.

“As an update of the latest National PBARS tournament, the undefeated Tony Gadi still holds the record for the Men’s Singles in the Cebu Leg which was held at Metrosports last May 24. If anyone wishes to get updates on the rankings for all levels, please visit my office for a free Phil. Badminton Magazine. We are on the 20th issue this month! Grab one today.

“In Cebu, we have Ed Hayco who heads the CCSC. It’s function is to scout for local talents in all major sports. The local venue is at the old San Nicolas Gymnasium which is located in Pasil, San Nicolas for those who are interested to be trained for free. I am not sure though if Ed got a new recruit/volunteer trainer for Badminton after our last conversation last year.

“Finally, for everybody: You do not play Badminton to be fit. You have to be fit to play Badminton!”

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