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Another rivalry, after the two previous ones I enumerated—PSC vs. POC and the Celtivs vs. the Lakers—is the one that will smash our TV screens starting this Sunday. It’s tennis. It’s Paris. It’s one of the four Grand Slams. It’s Rafa against Roger. It’s the French Open.

To tennis buffs like Bob Lozada, Michelle So, Fabby Borromeo, Emma Siao, Reneeven Polinar, Ernie Delco and the thousands of others from Cebu who move their eyes left-right, left-right, left-right while watching TV tennis… the left-right action is back. The Rivalry is back. It started last Sunday when R & R met in Madrid. It began at Wimbledon when they met thrice in the finals. It heated up Down Under, in Australia.

When the French Open (Roland Garros) begins this weekend and operates for two weeks, all eyes will be on the two 6-foot-1, Nike endorsers.

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