‘Face to face’ with Roger

Photos taken last November 2007 in Kuala Lumpur when we watched the Federer-Sampras exhibition match…

Stephanie Medalle, Jasmin Pages, Michelle So and Chinggay Utzurrum

Rene Ven Polinar (left) with Leander Paes (former world no.1 doubles player)

Yep… that’s Mrs. Chinggay Utzurrum

Charlie and Mitzi Pages

Dr. Ronnie Medalle, Michelle So and Chinggay Utzurrum

… and Michelle So in love with Roger

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John Pages

By John Pages

I've been a sports columnist since 1994. First, in The Freeman newspaper under "Tennis Is My Game." Then, starting in 2003, with Sun.Star Cebu under the name "Match Point." Happy reading!


  1. John,
    I saw both Federer-Sampras matches. The one in Malaysia was pretty close. They showed it this am live here in the US (The Tennis Channel). You guys look like you’re having a blast.

  2. John, you’re from the Phils and still managed to travel to Malawati Stadium for BOTH matches. I live smack north of KL and guess what? I had to watch them on TV!!!??? I couldn’t get tickets!!! UWAAAA!!!!! I was all in awe of both players, their skills, their wits in outwitting each other, Pete’s making fun of Nadal et al, such a gem of a night, isn’t it?

  3. I got a kick out of “Michelle so in love”. What a trip she is and Chinggay too. They look like they are alot of fun to be with. I sure would love to meet both of them. Maybe you can take both of them (and Jasmin and Jana too of course) when we have our get-together.

  4. Hi Razzy! Yup… flew all the way from Cebu to KL. We actually bought the tickets online one month ago. We foresaw that they’d sell out fast so we got them as early as we could. In all, there were 12 of us from Cebu who watched the Federer-Sampras match. Thanks!

  5. ei john! i’m sooo envious of this ‘standing side by side’ to the tennis’ greatest players! but how can i complaint of the awesome experience of seeing them play last thursday night!

    it was a blast! wasn’t it? 🙂

    and i met a lot of pinoys who like us flew all the way there to see the match. i just hope tennis here would be really as celebrated as that in malaysia.

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