Orlando vs. LA? Cebuano NBA fans choose

Yayoy Alcoseba: LA, 4-2. They have Kobe and Pau Gasol plus Phil Jackson who has 9 titles. Also, their experience in the Finals last yr was impt. Orlando is good but not in the same caliber. Howard can also be contained by Gasol. Plus, none of Magic players have any Finals experience.

Bimbo Bael: I’m for Orlando, the underdog. Who would have thought they’d make it to the finals! Now that they have, the momentum is on their side.

John Cheu: LA in 6 or 7. Kobe & d deep bench of LA will make d difference. But Coach Van Gundy is a great strategist and will give Phil a hard time.

Chester Cokaliong: Orlando. Have never been a Laker fan. Howard, MVP, because he is their Heart & Soul. He is unstoppable inside while the Lakers has Gasol as a go-to guy in the absence of Kobe.


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Jimmy Escaño: MAGIC! I always cheer for d underdog. I know my brother and nieces will kill me 4 this. They r all 4 the Lakers.

Merong Estenzo: I always believe that DEFENSE wins championships. Whoever plays the better defense will win. Magic in a full series.

Mon Fernandez: Lakers n 7 games. Bryant, mvp. I’ve seen more lakers games this season and not a full game of Magic. But honestly its anybody’s ballgame.

Mark Garcia: I’m going w LA bec i’m a big Kobe fan. Hehe. But unlike d Cavs, LA has a low post scorer in gasol n bynum which could draw more fouls on howard which would surely affect d magic. D lakers also hav d best closer in kobe. D lakers are also more experienced from last year’s loss. LA in 6.

Eddie Gullas: Lakers. They are too keenly experienced to play critical games like The Finals. With the coaches, both are good but Phil is best. I like Kobe as MVP. Across the years, Kobe has displayed terrific individual and team excellence. Did you notice the assists he now makes?

Johnvic Gullas: LA. 1) Experience: Jackson, Bryant & Fisher have been in a lot of finals plus this Lakers team is the same 1 that made it to the finals last year. 2) When Howard goes, so goes the Magic. The LA big men can score & defend better than Cleveland. Kobe v Howard=i choose Kobe coz basketball is a team sport & kobe gets his mates involved more than Howard.

Paco Jarque: LA in 6. Kobe MVP. LA has been there b4. Kobe has proven 2 deliver when needed.

Jean Henri Lhuillier: I would like to see Orlando win the finals. As they did beat the Cavs, the best team during the regular season. And I also would like to see Howard win the MVP as he has shown his versatility via passing and setting proper picks for his teammates.. and obviously his athleticism.


Hembler Mendoza: Orlando. Van Gundy has evolved as a coach, his technique efficient/effective.

Albert Nuñez: Lakers. They are more experienced in handling championship pressure. The team is cohesive and complements each other in terms of difficult game play. Go Lakers.

Nene Palmares: Orlando in 6. It’s a balanced team, a hungry team, better outside shooting team. I like Dwight more than Pau.

Monico Puentevella: Orlando. Coz they play as a team. LA’s too dependent on Kobe. Howard for MVP.

Javy Quintos: Tough choice, but I think LA will prevail. Inside trio of Gasol, Odom and Bynum will pose serious problems for Orlando, not to mention Kobe.  Defense against Howard will be a key factor for LA.

Bernard Ricablanca: It wil be a good game to watch. Laker wil have an edge with their experience being a champ and knowing d capability of kobe. it wil be a seesaw game. LA wil be champ.

Manny Sainz: I’m 4 the Lakers and it follows the mvp would be Kobe d reason is I like d way kobe n d team plays n besides Gasol is a Laker n he’s d Nadal of basketball. Viva España.

Greg Slaughter: LA will win in 6 games and kobe wil be the finals mvp. LA has too many weapons and their balance between their inside and outside is much better.

Chris Tio: Orlando. 1) LA has no answer 4 dwight, 2) 4 players cn space floor wt 3pt shootng, 2 of them 6’10’ 3) After lebron, kobe similar to guard 4 orlando defensive schemes.

Felix Tiukinhoy: Orlando, game 6. Howard, MVP. Orlando is hungry with Howard dominating the inside and the rest of the team shooting the treys. The games with Boston and Cavs should be a good reference.

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