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The most prestigious 42K race in the world is in Boston, Massachussetts. Last April 20, the 113th Boston Marathon started with top Filipina runner, Leica Carpo, among the participants. In the Phil. Daily Inquirer article she wrote last June 10, she said…

KNOWN to break seasoned runners, the Boston Marathon (BM) has a daunting reputation as the oldest and most famous 26.2 miles in the sport. Its significance is measurable by the number of press credentials issued (more than 1,500 from over 350 organizations) for a one-day event, second only to the Superbowl.

To enter, one must meet a qualifying time. You will find yourself running alongside weekend warriors—most probably former college track stars, Navy seals, Iron Man age-group champions, college, state and national contenders from the world over, Olympic hopefuls and, if you’re lucky, some of the world’s running legends…

Read the entire PDI article here.

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