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GRAEME MACKINNON sent me this comment two days after Jo-Wilfried Tsonga demolished Rafael Nadal and a day after Novak Djokovic did the same to Roger Federer. His commentary below couldn’t have been more correct. (Keep in mind that the reason why Graeme is an excellent writer is because, lest you forget, he was a writer… a long-time sports columnist at The Freeman before he went back to the Land of Oz a few years back.) And as we await the Men’s Final tomorrow (Sunday), let’s ponder on these words by Graeme…

There have been many fairy tale endings to many tournaments competitions etc and this could be an other one. As you know I have been watching Tsonga for a while now and have been, to be perfectly honest, waiting for him to crumble under the weight of expectation but it has not happened . . . yet!

Will it happen in the final? I hope not. His attitude is impeccable on the court . . . while he is going well. But what happens when he comes up against someone who will challenge and fluster him.

Djokovic talks the talk and last night he walked the walk but to be honest tomorrow I hope he stumbles. I think we have become so used to the conservatism and humility of Federer at the top that I cringe at the thought of this guy going to number one . . . even if he does wear adidas.

Federer was not at his best in the game last night but he was at his very, very best during his press con after the game. Absolutely brilliant and nothing more than you would expect from such a sportsman and a gentleman.

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