Mr. Federer is on time and in vogue


ROGER FEDERER, the undisputed world No.1 on all tennis surfaces except clay, is on two current publications: Time and Men’s Vogue.

In Time magazine, the 25-year-old Swiss is counted as one of “100 Most Influential People In The World.” Wow! For the winner of 10 major titles, that’s major. Guess who penned the piece on the man destined to be The Greatest Ever… of course, who else but the current Greatest Ever himself: two-time Grand Slam winner Rod Laver.

“Every time I speak to Roger,” writes Rod Laver, “I sense no ego on his part. He asks me questions about how I prepared for big matches—Roger has a clear appreciation for the history of tennis. (Plus, these days, I should be the one peppering him with questions. He’s the big star!) When you’re talking to Roger, he makes you feel important—whether you’re a fan, an opposing player or an old geezer like me.”

Laver said not to crown Federer as the best ever — not yet. But, he said, “One thing is for sure: he’s the best player of his time and one of the most admirable champions on the planet.”

Read the whole Rod on Roger piece here.

IN MEN’S VOGUE, you’ll not only be entertained by a terrific write-up, but also by some fabulous pictures. Read the Men’s Vogue article here and see all the seven pictures here

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  1. a man with respect.. i know you are a big fan of rafa but guess he will be number one soon but not now while my icon is still there at top.. clay surface? roger, is now slowly steeping up in his way to conquer that.. beware.. i read lots of opinion you made against my icon.. well no comment i’m just smiling to those people who wants to put down on my icon..

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