Cebu City Olympics tennis

My daughter Jana joined the Cebu City Olympics elementary tennis event last weekend. She won both her matches, 8-0, and will represent the city in next month’s CVIRAA in Dumaguete. That’s good news. The sad part: the incompetence of the tournament manager, Carmelita “Mely” Bala. Imagine this: for an event that includes boys and girls in the elementary and high school divisions, she only had one tennis court as venue. Yes, just one court. And so the result was this: Players arrived before 7:30 a.m. only to wait for hours and hours before playing. It was a pitiful sight at the Cebu Technological University watching the children and parents waiting. Why not choose a bigger venue? With two or three courts? In fact, it turned out a second venue (USC) was available—but left unused. Calling on DepEd P.E. head Nenita Pardenilla and DepEd Sports Committee chief Ricky Ballesteros: please make sure to change the tournament manager next time!

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