5 thoughts on “Singapore Marathon Photos

  1. Looking at your photos, I don’t see a whole lot of grimace. The run must had been pretty easy. Glad y’all finished. Congrats!

  2. Bebot, good to hear from you! It was difficult. But, like I promised myself before the run, I paced myself slow and easy. Really enjoyed the entire 42K stretch. Will write about the details soon. Thanks!

  3. Congratulations! now that the monkey is out of your back, you can aim for a PB the next marathon you run.

    Great Job Sir John, keep on running……..

  4. Cerrone…. having run marathons yourself, you know the “high” of crossing that finish line! I’ve been fortunate to have experienced various sports but nothing compares to the joy of passing that giant banner with the giant sign called “FINISH.” Thanks, Cerrone!

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