Djokovic the Joker

He is the world No.3 tennis player. He reached the finals of the U.S. Open last month and had a shot at beating the almost-unbeatable Roger Federer. But apart from all his seriousness on-court, he’s funny. Maybe one of the funniest players to appear on the tour in a long time.

Having breached 1.3 million YouTube hits, you’ve got to watch this video clip of Novak Djokovic… (if you can’t watch it below, click on this.)

One thought on “Djokovic the Joker

  1. hahahaha! nice! thanks for sharing! I liked the part where he impersonated rodick with all those extra movement and that jumping serve, also the almost unbeatable Roger Federer *ahem* clay *ahem* with those ballet style hits and the clapping with the racket.

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