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The apple of my eye

This is not about sports. It’s about a gadget so revolutionary that it’s captivated Americans and geeks the world over. It’s a music player. A device that connects to the WWW. A phone. It can retrieve your e-mail, play “Bourne Ultimatum,” run YouTube videos, take 2-megapixel pictures, and zoom in on Fuente Osmena using Google Earth.

Know what it is? Here’s more: It’s screen-size is the biggest of any phone: 3.5 inches wide. It was so awe-inspiring when it launched last January that tech writers have hailed it as “the most-awaited gadget in history.”

Know what it is? Impossible if you don’t. So, here it is: “Steve Jobs’ toy.” Yes, that’s what it’s called. It’s an iPod in a phone merged into a super-slim metal that’s thinner (thickness: 0.46 inch) than your 30G iPod Video.

The iPhone. Has there ever been a product that’s generated more buzz? Never. All because of one man whom I consider—right alongside Bill Gates—as the greatest tech entrepreneur of all-time, Steven Paul Jobs.

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“I Want That iPhone…”

This isn’t about sports. Some will find it corny. Some will stop it after 35 seconds. But it’s funny. Real funny. And the lyrics are perfect. It’s unique. It’s a video song about this gadget that’s been hyped about and drooled over and salivated at from the moment Steve Jobs first raised his hand to show it to his fellow earthlings… the iPhone. Watch this self-made video by one of the world’s top technology writers, from the New York Times… David Pogue.

If you can’t view the above video, click on this YouTube link.

I Want that iPhone!

Ever since last January when Steve Jobs stood on stage in San Francisco and waved it to the crowd, billions have drooled at the thought of holding an iPhone. Well… well, finally, in what is considered “the most highly-anticipated consumer gadget in history,” the iPhone will emerge out of the cellphone shadows tomorrow (June 29) in the United States.

I love Apple. I own two iPod Shuffles and an iPod 30G Video. Last year, I purchased a white MacBook. To me–and to millions of Mac addicts around this globe–there is no company that produces more intuitive, more simple, more creative, and more stunning gadgets than Apple. Continue reading I Want that iPhone!