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What do they eat? Whale Sharks use La Paz bay as a nursery and feeding area. Expect a long, bouncy boat ride. In the northern Gulf of Mexico it is common to encounter a Whale Shark around oil rigs off Texas and Louisiana. The are considered endangered by the International Union for Conservation of … The sharks lived up to their reputation of "gentle giants" as they hung out with the men in the water, enjoying their company, even nudging one man as if to encourage him to play! document.write(year) A guide provides safety instructions and rules before boarding the boat and jetting to your snorkeling adventure. The sharks were 25' and 35' long swimming with hundreds of Cobia, Remora's and Amberjack. ALL DIVE EQUIPMENT IS PROVIDED IN MED – XXL SIZES ALONG WITH ICED WATER & SPORTS DRINKS. Swimming with the whale sharks is not a high degree of physical fitness. No experience needed! Normally a solitary swimmer, the Whale Shark will congregate to feed during mating season, a sign rarely seen. Swim with whale sharks in Baja California, Mexico Whale sharks are technically sharks, but they have no teeth and are safe to swim with. You should be comfortable swimming around 200 feet and boarding the boat after swimming with the whale shark. America Go Fishing, Inc. Naples/Marco Island, Florida. Please take a look around the site for more detailed information and don’t hesitate to contact us for more information on our Florida Shark Tours. By visiting our website and clicking on or navigating this site, you agree to allow us to collect information on and off our website through cookies. Witness Nature’s Apex Predators from the Cage! Sun Realty, Naples, Florida. All Rights Reserved -. The Whale Shark is a filter feeder with plankton, krill, and small fish eggs it's primary diet. Vessels often encounter the Whale Shark offshore in deep waters especially during their seasonal migrations. On these trips, we cater to both professionals and novices alike so no matter what your skill or experience level is we can make the trip work for you. The sharks visit the sunshine state during the summer months to feed and mate. The whale shark "dwarfed" their 21-foot-boat, according to Kenneth Worley, who was with his wife, Christy, and their 12-year-old son Coleman. Another Whale Shark was reported on the Baja California in July 2012 and 30 miles offshore of Marco Island on a wreck anglers encountered another one. This shark can live 75 years, grow as large as 65 feet and weigh over 10 tons. Bring your Shark Dive experience home with professional photos and videos! Swim with Whale Sharks in Exmouth, on the Ningaloo Reef Our Whale Shark Interaction Tour is from Mid-March – Early August. we swam with whale sharks and went to Xplor and I got to go ziplining for the first time! Isla Contoy is likely where you will end up swimming with the whale sharks, and thus that is where the weather forecast matters. La Paz, Mexico - swim or snorkel. We'd wanted to swim with the whale sharks for a couple of years but it's hard to get good information online about the different companies. Mafia Island in Tanzania is rich in plankton which draws in a strong … ... Key West Dive Center is the premier source for the best snorkeling in Key West and the Florida Keys. Say g’day to the whale sharks as you enjoy an unforgettable swim in Ningaloo, Australia’s largest and most accessible… No experience needed! A Premium 2 hour tour or our All Inclusive 4 1/2 hour tour. Swimming with whale sharks has become a lucrative business for local fisherman and conservation tours not only in Mexico, but around the world. We have the most positive experience taking guests to Mexico's Caribbean coast just north of Cancun to one of the only destinations in the world where one can snorkel alongside the amazing Whale Sharks. Join us to meet these sharks in person! At the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory there is a page to report whale shark sightings in the Gulf of Mexico and they work with large aggregations of whale sharks in the Gulf, they also work on all shark and ray species in the area. Choose between two Whale Shark Swimming options for your comfort level. FREECALL 1800 994 210. People watch as a whale shark glides past the viewing window at the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta Monday, Feb. 11, 2008. Yep, it’s that time of year again. Have an adventure of a lifetime & come and swim with a real shark, the biggest fish in the world! He was able to film the slow-moving creature in about 110 feet of water. Click the picture for more information. Whale Sharks in Florida. NO guaranties, warranties, express or implied, or representations as to the accuracy of content. Learn more about this magnificent shark, read the Whale Shark Factsheet. Cookie Notice: To help personalize content, tailor and measure advertising and provide a safer experience, we use cookies. If you swim with this massive creature, keep your distance, especially near their constantly moving tails. This video was taken in June 2018 off Anna Maria Island, Florida. If you have the rare opportunity to get close to a Whale Shark, caution should be used to avoid accidental injury. In multiple years whale sharks have been tracked from Utila through three different countries, Honduras, Belize and Mexico, Utila Sharks have also been see in the waters of Florida. Docile and curious whale sharks swim very slowly on the surface, easing your swimming experience. Florida has the best shark diving in the United States and is one of top shark diving destinations in the world. In the wild, the whale sharks … Providing the apex of shark and marine filming support based decades of experience. Take the next step and don a snorkel and mask to enjoy a deep-water, free swim alongside blacktip reef, nurse, zebra, bonnethead sharks. These gentle beasts are filter feeders that only eat plankton, and they are incredible to observe. Join Florida’s #1 Shark Diving Experience. In the Panhandle anglers often encounter them on deep wrecks. As filter feeders, the whale shark's snack of choice is krill and plankton, and … Home | Sitemap | Locations | Fishing | Boating | GPS | Tips | Photos | News | Shop | Contact | Privacy. Join us online!}) Watch this video of a Whale Shark encounter in Australia and see this beautiful, peaceful fish swimming. Click for Menu. Ningaloo Whale Shark Swim. Here is a video of a Whale Shark encounter 30 miles offshore of Carrabelle, Florida in September 2012. Donsol Bay, Philippines. You Choose. America Go Fishing, Inc., owner of FloridaGoFishing.com and the FloridaGoFishing trademark, assumes NO liability or responsibility for any errors or omissions in the information contained here. Dive with the leading shark diving charter in Florida! var today = new Date() No experience is needed, all gear is provided, and sharks are seen every trip. Book Online Now. Mafia Island, Tanzania. .mcclatchy-embed{position:relative;padding:40px 0 56.25%;height:0;overflow:hidden;max-width:100%}.mcclatchy-embed iframe{position:absolute;top:0;left:0;width:100%;height:100%}. Boaters should stay clear of them to avoid injury with their props. GPS data Not for Navigational Use. A reliable place to swim whale sharks, especially in the fall and … A few brave soles jumped in the water and swam with the fish for about an hour and a half while the remaining men on board took lots of pictures. Whale Sharks have been hunted by harpoon in Asian countries for centuries for their highly valued flesh, fins and liver oil. There are many destinations around the world to swim and dive with whale sharks, so we wanted to provide you with a handy guide with the best places for every month of the year.Because most scuba divers are restricted to a certain time for their vacation, this article intends to introduce a few options for your whale shark adventures. Journey with Gentle Giants is the only opportunity in the world where you are guaranteed to swim with whale sharks, manta rays and more. But to Kreis, it looked like the world's biggest boogie board. You have the option to turn off cookies in your browser. During Thanksgiving week in 2011 lucky Naples anglers had a "once of a lifetime" encounter with 2 Whale Sharks 50 miles offshore of Marco Island. WORLDS BEST SWIM GUARANTEES! This is because Florida offers world-class shark diving 7 days a week year-round with sharks seen on every trip. Whale Shark Daddy was a great way to enjoy, and Junior and Elmer were absolutely the best guides we could have imagined for, an unforgettable, one of a kind experience. They ask anyone who sees a whale shark to call Mote’s Center for Shark Research at 941-388-1827, with the number of whale sharks you saw along with the time, date and location (GPS coordinates if possible). It took 3.5 hours of searching at high speed before the first pod of whale sharks was found. As they boated across Pensacola Beach en route to … Whale sharks are usually solitary animals, but it is not uncommon for 3 or more singular whale sharks to be sighted in a single day along the northern shores of Utila. Florida has the best shark diving in the United States and is one of top shark diving destinations in the world. One of the best … Learn more by visiting Cookies Policy. Come Swimming with Whale Sharks and experience the wonder of these amazing creatures. Photo: Courtesy of Scott Williams/ Flickr Isla Contoy is far enough away from Holbox or Cancun to have completely different weather. The whale shark was cruising off the coast of Florida last week when Chris Kreis, 19, and his family spotted the shark in the ocean. Sun Realty, Naples, Florida. Swimming alongside a baby whale shark was an apropos way for a crew of Gulf Breeze divers to kick off Shark Week on Sunday morning. The Florida Keys and its offshore waters are the natural habitats of a diverse variety of pelagic shark species. Oil is extracted from the liver and used to waterproof wooden boats. The … The professional team at Keys Shark Diving has years of experience getting guests up close and personal with sharks in the open ocean. Same whales sharks & same water. In August 2012, one month after the sinking of the USCGC Mohawk 30 miles off Lee County, a 20 foot Whale Shark stunned divers, gracefully circling the ship while the divers had the rare opportunity to swim with this gentle giant. All Rights Reserved. Once the whale sharks are located swimmers are able to be within arm’s reach of them for several minutes at a time. Whale sharks, which can live for 70 years or longer, are found in all tropical oceans of the world. Guiding you every step of the way. Both trips take place at the same location and only 30 minutes from our marina location making it a great trip for all groups, divers and families alike. Last video of the Cancun trip! Mexico's Yucatan Peninsula is one of the few places on the planet where you can swim with the world's largest fish, the Whale Shark. At Florida Shark Diving we are used to many different groups from professional film crews, spring breakers, and family groups. A diver and spear fisherman spotted an enormous whale shark off the coast of Naples, Florida. FLORIDA’S PIONEERING AND LONGEST RUNNING SHARK CAGE AND FREEDIVE. Do not attempt to ride, touch, or agitate the shark with camera flashes or loud noises. We offer two different types of trips that cater to our guests’ needs. Whale Sharks inhabit the northern waters surrounding Florida during the summer months and migrate to the Caribbean in the winter. Ran into this whale shark while fishing in 800 feet of water. Not only does this location have large numbers of sharks but it is home to high profile species such as Tiger, Great Hammerhead, Bull, Dusky, Silky, Reef, Sandbar, and Lemon Sharks. Read Profits from a Dead Whale Shark and learn how this protected species is still being hunted today. The second trip we offer is the Shark Viewing Trips where guests that just want to watch the sharks up close from the boat and not go in the water have a front row seat to one of the best shows on earth. Swim with whale sharks Cancun, the original and extreme 2-in-1 sea safari and reef snorkeling tour has been in operation since 2007. Stay dry and watch the sharks from the comfort of the boat! Palm Beach is home to some of the largest numbers of sharks in the world. Copyright © 2018 Florida Shark Diving. Vessels often encounter the Whale Shark offshore in deep waters especially during their seasonal migrations. Providing a world-class shark dive from start to finish with the worlds premier shark species! If you’re on the West Coast, be sure to check out our California Shark Diving site for more information! Whale Sharks inhabit the northern waters surrounding Florida during the summer months and migrate to the Caribbean in the winter. ><((((*>   Copyright @ 2011- WHALE SHARK AND HUMPBACK SWIMS. Whale sharks are simply amazing creatures, the largest sharks living in our oceans. Swimming with a whale shark is the experience of a lifetime - a unique and amazing wildlife interaction that will live with you forever. Join our friendly team on the best Whale Shark Tours in Exmouth. Remember do not touch them. ... swimming with a whale shark...florida keys August 2013 JC Diaz. var year = today.getFullYear() Welcome to Florida Keys Shark Diving. Due to it's docile nature and declining populations it was included on the World Conservation Union's list of threatened species in 2008. Experience wonder up very close and personal swimming next to the biggest shark in the world, The Whale Shark.Or with a truly massive, truly stunning humpback whale.. Join the Gold Medal-winning whale shark exmouth cruise voted the Best Adventure Tour in Western Australia for a wonder-filled day cruising and diving the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. Whales Sharks are the largest shark species inhabiting tropical waters and warm temperate seas around the world. Our most popular trip is our Shark Diving Trip where we offer both cage diving and freediving with sharks. Mote scientists are collecting reports of whale shark sightings to look for possible patterns to their movements in our waters. Viti Levu, Fiji. When whale sharks were ‘discovered’ at the fishing village of Donsol in … Whether you’re an experienced shark diver or a novice looking to see a shark for the first time, we have the experience and equipment you need to have a successful day of adventure on the water. Photo to the right Courtesy of Beau Middlebrook The flesh is eaten fresh, dried salted or frozen. Florida is a year round world class shark diving destination with high shark diversity and premier shark species! You’ll get to swim with a snorkel in the Ocean Voyager exhibit, built by The Home Depot, with thousands of amazing animals for the experience of a lifetime. Photographs taken of the Utila whale sharks are being added to ECOCEAN, an international whale shark database. Our experienced boat captains and dive masters are consistently on the lookout for whale sharks, and will give you the best opportunity to see and swim with these amazing creatures. This is because Florida offers world-class shark diving 7 days a week year-round with sharks seen on every trip. Fiji has some of the clearest waters, making it great for shark diving. Beau Middlebrook The Whale Shark is a very slow moving docile creature who is very gentle, almost playful, when they encounter humans in the water. Florida Shark Diving has perfected the game of getting you up close and personal with sharks in their natural surroundings. This magnificent creature's 5 foot wide mouth has 3,000 very tiny teeth that are situated in about 350 rows. Caption: While diving with a local dive shop in Destin, Florida, Alex Fogg spotted a manta ray and whale shark swimming together. Step into the shark habitat for an intimate shark training session with Discovery Cove’s expert Aquarists; and, with more than 20 sharks in the habitat – there is a lot to learn about! The fins are used in shark fin soup, the offal for fish meal, the cartilage for health supplements and the skin has been used for leather. Whale sharks spotted in Florida? Enjoy the thrill and excitement of seeing sharks up close and learning about them from the deck of the boat with Florida Shark Diving! <*))))><.

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