marble ball weight

He is an antagonist in both Dragon Ball Sai and Dragon Ball Gyaku. Units[1]=document.calculator.units1.options[document.calculator.units1.selectedIndex].text; document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="6"; */ } Then move the newly created marble ball to new position. 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Room Darkening Wrap Around Industrial Double Curtain Rod in Matte Black document.calculator.img3.src=""; if(unit=="meter") Extensively used for enhancing the beauty of garden, these balls are available in customized specifications to fulfill all diverse requirements of the customers. Converted=DensityConverter(Density,Units); return false; Complete the mold. * The weight value will be calculated when you return false; alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. if(Shape=="2")/*Hexagon Points*/ The top countries of suppliers are China, Taiwan, China, from which the percentage of weight of marble ball supply is 94%, 5% respectively. "); The majority of regular size marbles weigh less than 0.16 ounces. Mix Stone Ball - Buy Marble Ball at best price of Rs 2000/kilogram from Uvesh Agate. Marble (マーブル Maburu) is a powerful entity of an unknown race.His goal is simply to become the Ultimate Power, and gain knowledge of all the techniques throughout the Universe. * Stone * Miscellaneous. document.calculator.img1.src=""; value=value*1000; Whether on the ground or in the air, a variety of forces contribute to the motion of a ball. Marbles date back to the Romans where they were mentioned in different pieces of literature. Birkin Fast Fit Easy Install Double Curtain Rod in Oil Rubbed Bronze: Bronn 66 in. Weight2=Weight*0.002205; WeightTemp=Math.round(WeightTemp); }. document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; These balls vary in size. For how long will you continue replacing … WeightTemp=WeightTemp/100000000; value=(value*2.54)*36; value=value*62.42797; document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="6"; alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. Product Details Official NBA size and weight: Size 7, 29.5", Intermediate size and weight: Size 6, 28.5" and Youth size and weight: Size 5, 27.5" available if(Shape=="0")/*Tile Sheet or Rectangle*/ return false; if(unit=="mm") document.calculator.img2.src=""; Units=document.calculator.units0.selectedIndex; document.calculator.img2.src=""; function DensityConverter(value,unit){ * Choose a material you wish to obtain weight Once assembled, the mold will look like the photo below. WeightTemp2=Math.round(WeightTemp2); var MatlSelect; Marble size is a matter of preference for hobbyists, but, as of 2011, the National Marbles Tournament called for specific sized marbles for its competitions. if(unit=="yard") var img3; if(Shape=="6")/*Round Column Solid*/ if(selShape=="2"){ var Density; document.calculator.weight2.value=""; document.calculator.img3.src=""; var Weight=new Number(0); Values[3]=UnitConverter(Values[3],Units[3]); var Valid; Make sure to choose proper unit. if(selShape=="1"){ if(unit=="foot") if(selShape=="3"){ WeightTemp=Weight/1000; 8. document.calculator.material.selectedIndex="1"; document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; return value; Answer Save. document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="6"; function CalculateWeight(){ document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="3"; document.calculator.img3.src=""; A 3" crystal ball is suspended in the air by the brass base. var MatlSelect; if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="4")&&(val2=="")){ } value=value*0.0160184; They all are small and are the same size. Aside from the durable outdoor cover and embossed logos, no two balls in the series are the same. Marbles larger than this are often used for decorating purposes. 7" harp. "); WeightTemp=WeightTemp*10000; var imgshape; ")<0&&A!="Error "){if(entered||decimal>0){A+=". document.calculator.qty.value="1"; value=value*0.03613; document.calculator.qty.value="1"; alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="6"; by 150, or a total weight of marble tile of 501 lbs. var img2; back to the start default values. Units[0]=0; About Marble, solid; 1 cubic meter of Marble, solid weighs 2 711 kilograms [kg] 1 cubic foot of Marble, solid weighs 169.2422 pounds [lbs] Marble, solid weighs 2.711 gram per cubic centimeter or 2 711 kilogram per cubic meter, i.e. See more ideas about glass paperweights, paperweights, glass. Shade dimensions: 15"W x 10"D x 13"T. Overall: 15"W x 10"D x 23"T. Uses one type-A 60-watt bulb. function Measurements(){ Marbles can be used for a variety of games called marbles. You might often need to know the weight of a marble countertop. var WeightTemp2=new Number(0); document.calculator.img2.src=""; document.calculator.img3.src=""; Martin Frederick Christensen also began producing the marbles and did so until the year 1917. if(selShape=="6"){ if(unit=="1") if(unit=="0") Favorite Answer. Shape=document.calculator.shape.selectedIndex; I know you are probably thinking why can't i find the mass? Using the quarter-inch tile example from Step 3, and assuming a 150-square-foot floor, multiply 3.34 lbs. return false; material and wish to obtain the accurate instead Read customer reviews and common Questions and Answers for Mistana™ Part #: W002248552 on this page. document.calculator.img1.src=""; function Default(){ } function gObj(obj) {var theObj;if(document.all){if(typeof obj=="string"){return document.all(obj);}else{return;}}if(document.getElementById){if(typeof obj=="string"){return document.getElementById(obj);}else{return;}}return null;}function trimAll(sString){while (sString.substring(0,1) == ' '){sString = sString.substring(1, sString.length);}while (sString.substring(sString.length-1, sString.length) == ' '){sString = sString.substring(0,sString.length-1);} return sString;} function showDebugInfo(){}function r(A){if(A=="10x"||A=="log"||A=="ex"||A=="ln"||A=="sin"||A=="asin"||A=="cos"||A=="acos"||A=="tan"||A=="atan"||A=="e"||A=="pi"||A=="n!"||A=="x2"||A=="1/x"||A=="swap"||A=="x3"||A=="3x"||A=="RND"||A=="M-"||A=="qc"||A=="MC"||A=="MR"||A=="MS"||A=="M+"||A=="sqrt"||A=="pc"){func(A)}else{if(A==1||A==2||A==3||A==4||A==5||A==6||A==7||A==8||A==9||A==0){numInput(A)}else{if(A=="pow"||A=="apow"||A=="+"||A=="-"||A=="*"||A=="/"){opt(A)}else{if(A=="("){popen()}else{if(A==")"){pclose()}else{if(A=="EXP"){exp()}else{if(A==". Average density of the material for weight calculation of average weight, modify the default number and select proper Because of manual measurement, the size will be a little error, please understanding. value=value*27.67783; var selShape; Valid=CheckVal(Values[0],Values[1],Values[2],Values[3],Values[4]); var Units; WeightTemp2=WeightTemp2/100000000; Get wholesale pricing on commercial & retail merchandising fixtures and accessories as well as facilities supplies. Phone: 1 541-359-4708, Weight Calculator var Shape; document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="6"; Weight=(Values[0] * 0.785398 * Values[1] * Values[1] * Values[2] * Values[4]); The maximum weight for a ball is 1.62 ounces, and balls are not permitted to exceed this and still be used in tournament play. } document.calculator.weight2.value=WeightTemp2; if(unit=="2") Values[2]=document.calculator.value2.value; Keep this ball selected and open the Scale dialog box again. 4.1887 times the density of lead, which is 0.409 pounds per cubic inch, gives a weight of 1.713 pounds. if(Weight2>="0.0001"){ if(Weight2<"0.0001"){ Below is a list of ball weights for a wide range of sports. document.calculator.imgunits.src=""; * If you know the exact density of a specific return false; if(unit=="inch") } if(MatlSelect>"0"){ function UnitChange(){ if(Shape=="3")/*Hexagon A/F*/ if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="6")&&(val2=="")){ "){if(value<0||value>200||value!=Math.round(value)){value="NAN"}else{var E=1;var A;for(A=1;A<=value;++A){E*=A}value=E}}else{if(D=="MR"){value=memory}else{if(D=="M+"){memory+=value}else{if(D=="MS"){memory=value}else{if(D=="MC"){memory=0}else{if(D=="M-"){memory-=value}else{if(D=="asin"){if(degreeRadians=="degree"){value=Math.asin(value)*180/Math.PI}else{value=Math.asin(value)}}else{if(D=="acos"){if(degreeRadians=="degree"){value=Math.acos(value)*180/Math.PI}else{value=Math.acos(value)}}else{if(D=="atan"){if(degreeRadians=="degree"){value=Math.atan(value)*180/Math.PI}else{value=Math.atan(value)}}else{if(D=="e^x"){value=Math.exp(value*Math.LN10)}else{if(D=="2^x"){value=Math.exp(value*Math.LN2)}else{if(D=="e^x"){value=Math.exp(value)}else{if(D=="x^2"){value=value*value}else{if(D=="e"){value=Math.E}else{if(D=="ex"){value=Math.pow(Math.E,value)}else{if(D=="10x"){value=Math.pow(10,value)}else{if(D=="x3"){value=value*value*value}else{if(D=="3x"){value=Math.pow(value,1/3)}else{if(D=="x2"){value=value*value}else{if(D=="sin"){if(degreeRadians=="degree"){value=Math.sin(value/180*Math.PI)}else{value=Math.sin(value)}}else{if(D=="cos"){if(degreeRadians=="degree"){var C=(value%360);if(C<0){C=C+360}if(C==90){value=0}else{if(C==270){value=0}else{value=Math.cos(value/180*Math.PI)}}}else{var C=(value*180/Math.PI)%360;if(C<0){C=C+360}if((Math.abs(C-90)<1e-10)||(Math.abs(C-270)<1e-10)){value=0}else{value=Math.cos(value)}}}else{if(D=="tan"){if(degreeRadians=="degree"){value=Math.tan(value/180*Math.PI)}else{value=Math.tan(value)}}else{if(D=="log"){value=Math.log(value)/Math.LN10}else{if(D=="log2"){value=Math.log(value)/Math.LN2}else{if(D=="ln"){value=Math.log(value)}else{if(D=="sqrt"){value=Math.sqrt(value)}else{if(D=="pi"){value=Math.PI}else{if(D=="RND"){value=Math.random()}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}}refresh()}; if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="7")&&(val3=="")){ var Units=new Array(4); ), The Secret Science of Solving Crossword Puzzles, Racist Phrases to Remove From Your Mental Lexicon. document.calculator.imgunits.src=""; "); return true; pre-weight loss, the flesh is just firmer, denser. Also find here related product comparison | ID: 17955602948 Adjustable 5/8 in. Type a value in the Kilograms field to convert the value to Pounds: Type a value in the Pounds field to convert the value to Kilograms: /***************************************** value=value/10; document.calculator.density.value=MatlSelect; document.calculator.units1.selectedIndex="3"; alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. UL listed. if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="3")&&(val2=="")){ WeightTemp2=WeightTemp2/10000; "); } *****************************************/ document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; box to start a custom material weight calculation. Marbles have been around for ages and, for most of that time, they have come in sizes ranging from as tiny as a pea to as big as a small ball. } Marbles are sold in a variety of sizes and designs. ARTFIBERGLASS WeightTemp=Weight*10000; document.calculator.value1.value=""; Dia Drapery Double Rod Set, Brown: 66 in. Values[0]=document.calculator.density.value; var img1; } return; if (MatlSelect>"0") { document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; Check the Uniform, enter a 92% in the Scale box and click Copy. If you play poor condition balls, you could see a weight difference of 3.3 grams from one ball to another. } } Roller switch on cord. Marble Clock is a 3D printed rolling ball clock that tells the time by the location of marbles/balls. document.calculator.img2.src=""; Including: 2 balls (One pair),Product Size: Each ball diameter is approximately 2inches, balls weight: 0.7lb. Values[1]=document.calculator.value1.value; document.calculator.value2.value=""; The set comes cased in a box selShape=document.calculator.shape.selectedIndex; /*Converting to kilograms*/ if(MatlSelect=="0"){ if((val0=="")||(val4=="")){ document.calculator.img1.src=""; } If you play average condition balls, they could differ up to 2.9 grams in weight from one ball to the next. document.calculator.density.value="2.750"; Ball  etc. document.calculator.value3.value=""; } document.calculator.imgunits.src=""; May 24, 2015 - Explore Gail's board "Glass - paperweights & marbles", followed by 713 people on Pinterest. document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; return value; Relevance. } if(selShape=="5"){ function UnitConverter(value,unit){ } if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="2")&&(val2=="")){ document.calculator.img2.src=""; return false; A wide variety of weight of marble ball options are available to you, There are 17 suppliers who sells weight of marble ball on, mainly located in Asia. Density=document.calculator.material.options[document.calculator.material.selectedIndex].value; 5. Weight Calculator Marble * Granite * Stone * Miscellaneous ... Ball etc. Global Views Orbit Lamp Details Handcrafted Orbit Lamp is done in brass and sits atop a solid white marble base. The typical marble used to play games measures 9/16-inch. The only difference is the mass. WeightTemp2=Weight2*100000000; 36 in. document.calculator.units0.selectedIndex="0"; alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. document.calculator.img2.src=""; * Fill in the dimensions of your material referring to the drawing at right-side of screen. document.calculator.weight.value=""; var MatlSelect; document.calculator.density.value=Converted; They are often collected, both for nostalgia and for their aesthetic colors. if(selShape=="4"){ document.calculator.img2.src=""; WeightTemp2=Math.round(WeightTemp2); document.calculator.img3.src=""; A typical countertop made with marble, which is 24 square inches in size will weight around 30 pounds. document.calculator.img1.src=""; PRODUCT MATERIAL — Made of beautiful soild marble, with no chimes. return false; var MatlSelect; if(Shape=="7")/*Round Column Hollow*/ return value; } for weight calculation: Tile, Column, Hexagon, - 120 in. if(unit=="0") value=value*0.001; if(Shape=="1")/*Square Column*/ document.calculator.value2.value=""; document.calculator.img1.src=""; document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; Which sport has the lightest or heaviest balls? But the dimensions are different due to different ball sizes and weight distribution. * The RESET button will change all the settings With our vast knowledge of this domain, we are actively engaged in offering the best quality Marble Garden Ball. "}else{j=E.length-1;while(j>=0&&E.charAt(j)=="0"){--j}E=E.substring(0,j+1)}E+=" "+A}else{var J=false;if(I<0){I=-I;J=true}var C=Math.floor(I);var K=I-C;var D=totalDigits-(""+C).length-1;if(!entered&&fixed>0){D=fixed}var F=" 1000000000000000000".substring(1,D+2)+"";if((F=="")||(F==" ")){F=1}else{F=parseInt(F)}var B=Math.floor(K*F+0.5);C=Math.floor(Math.floor(I*F+0.5)/F);if(J){E="-"+C}else{E=""+C}var H="00000000000000"+B;H=H.substring(H.length-D,H.length);G=H.length-1;if(entered||fixed==0){while(G>=0&&H.charAt(G)=="0"){--G}H=H.substring(0,G+1)}if(G>=0){E+=". WeightTemp=WeightTemp/10000; According to the diameter you provided. return value; document.calculator.shape.selectedIndex="0"; /*Rounding pounds*/ Adjustable 3/4 in. } document.calculator.img3.src=""; Marbles are sold in a variety of sizes and designs. document.calculator.value1.value=""; document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="6"; document.calculator.img2.src=""; to the drawing at right-side of screen. Most commonly, they are about 13 mm ( ⁄2 in) in diameter, but they may range from less than 1 mm ( ⁄30 in) to over 8 cm (3 in), while some art glass marbles for display purposes are over 30 cm (12 in) wide. document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; Units[3]=document.calculator.units3.options[document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex].text; Poor balls weighed 45.72, average balls weighed 45.73, good balls weighed 45.8 and new balls weighed 45.93 on average. if(MatlSelect!="0"){ document.calculator.img1.src=""; post-WL it's like a bag half full of spongey marbles. *mass not weight. #sciout{padding:5px;border-top:1px solid #262626;border-left:1px solid #262626;border-right:2px outset #262626;border-bottom:2px outset #262626;background: #eeeeee;font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;}#sciOutPut{font-size:18px;padding:3px;margin:2px;cursor:text;text-align:right;background-color:#B8C6A3;border:1px solid #87996b;border-radius: 3px;color:#000;}.scifunc{display: inline-block;display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle;text-align:center;width:50px;height:25px;margin:1px;border:1px solid #262626;border-radius: 3px;font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:16px;font-weight:bold;color:#185290;background-color:#C8D8E8;}.scifunc:active {background-color:#013f7d;color:#ffffff;}.scinm{display: inline-block;display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle;padding: 5px 0px;text-align:center;width:50px;height:30px;margin:1px;border:1px solid #262626;border-radius: 3px;font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:16px;font-weight:bold;color:#FFF;background-color:#262626;}.scinm:active {background-color:#aaaaaa;color:#000000;}.sciop{display: inline-block;display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle;padding: 5px 0px;text-align:center;width:50px;height:30px;margin:1px;border:1px solid #262626;border-radius: 3px;font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:16px;font-weight:bold;color:#262626;background-color:#ccc;}.sciop:active {background-color:#000000;color:#ffffff;}.scird{display: inline-block;display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle;text-align:center;height:30px;margin:1px;border:1px solid #eeeeee;border-radius: 3px;font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:13px;color:#262626;}.scieq{display: inline-block;display: table-cell;vertical-align: middle;padding: 5px 0px;text-align:center;width:50px;height:30px;margin:1px;border:1px solid #262626;border-radius: 3px;font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:16px;font-weight:bold;color:#F00;background-color:#DCADB0;}.scieq:active {background-color:#ff0000;color:#ffffff;}#calfootnote {font-family:arial,helvetica,sans-serif;font-size:12px;text-align:right;}, Email us at for your order information value=value*62.42797; Values[2]=UnitConverter(Values[2],Units[2]); } "); A marble is a small spherical toy often made from glass, clay, steel, plastic, or agate. document.calculator.Submit.value="Calculate"; /*Converting Weight2 to pounds*/ MatlSelect=document.calculator.material.selectedIndex; var Converted; document.calculator.value3.value=""; document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; Weight=(Values[0] * 0.86602 * Values[1] * Values[1] * Values[2] * Values[4]); Weight=(Values[0] * 0.64952 * Values[1] * Values[1] * Values[2] * Values[4]); has 1000s of POS fixtures, store displays & accessories. } They did not start becoming manufactured commercially until the 1800s. } Marble * Granite From shop lizystuff. } } document.calculator.imgunits.src=""; function Density(){ document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; if(Shape=="5")/*Ball Solid*/ Focusing on spherical balls -- such as those used in golf, baseball and basketball -- their size and mass help determine how they travel. function ResetShape(){ if(!Valid) } Values[0]=document.calculator.material.options[document.calculator.material.selectedIndex].value; /*Rounding grams*/ In the North of England the objects and the game are called "taws", with large… document.calculator.img3.src=""; selShape=document.calculator.shape.selectedIndex; if(unit=="0") The radius of 1.5 inches cubed equals $3.375 ⋅ 4 ⋅ π = 42.410$, divided by 3, equals 14.137 cubic inches, times 0.409 ( the density of lead ) gives 5.782 pounds. Phone: 1 541-359-4708, Marble * Granite 2 1/4" regulation size and weight 6 oz - Made of polyester resin - Marble / swirl style makes a great addition to a table - Price shown is for full set of balls including cue ball - Set comes boxed Overall: 2.25'' L … default unit. to get to the "whoosh" Lyle McDonald talked about, i think you have to get down pretty low in body fat. document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; See more ideas about Marble, Glass marbles, Paperweights. Is the Coronavirus Crisis Increasing America's Drug Overdoses? if(selShape=="7"){ Fact Check: What Power Does the President Really Have Over State Governors? One fun way to visualize progress that's popping up on Pinterest and Instagram is a good old-fashioned DIY project: marble weight-loss jars. if(unit=="3") document.calculator.imgunits.src=""; Each ball is precision engineered for perfect roundness and balance, ensuring superior playability and durability Each ball measure (2-1/4")57mm in diameter, and (5.9oz)168grams in weight Set includes 16 billiard balls, 7 striped balls, 7 solid colored balls, 1 black art numbered eight ball, and 1 white cue ball. The typical marble used to play games measures 9/16-inch. /*Rounding really really small grams*/ Dust with dry cloth. "); so i have a small Styrofoam, a small bouncy ball and a marble. value=value*1; * function CheckVal(val0,val1,val2,val3,val4){ document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; At this point your marble balls should look like in the last image. If the marble top is thick, it is obvious that it will be very heavy. "); } Sports Ball Weight Comparison. alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. document.calculator.img1.src=""; will be shown in the DENSITY box with g/cc as * Put in the total quantity or just leave the WeightTemp=Math.round(WeightTemp); /* function DensityConverter(value,unit){ return false; In the early 1900s, the first glass marbles were produced in the United States. 4 Answers. WeightTemp=WeightTemp/10000; Then move the newly created marble ball to new position. document.calculator.img3.src=""; WeightTemp=Math.round(WeightTemp); value=(value*2.54)*12; by the weight calculator are for estimate reference only. yeah, the texture definitely changes, and it's definitely weird. return false; if(unit=="3") The weight of a golf ball is carefully regulated to ensure that balls that are too heavy are not produced and used in an official capacity. document.calculator.weight.value=WeightTemp; value=value*2.54; if(Weight>="1000"){ its about 75g per marble. SWEET HOME, OREGON USA 97386 sure to choose proper unit. Get contact details & address of companies engaged in wholesale trade, manufacturing and supplying Marble Ball across India. document.calculator.img3.src=""; Units[0]=document.calculator.units0.selectedIndex; var WeightTemp=new Number(0); alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. var selShape; var Weight2=new Number(0); In-stock inventory means that most orders ship same day! calculation from the Material Selection Box. document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="3"; } Email us at for your order information (C) all right reserved. if(unit=="2") alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. WeightTemp2=Weight2*10000; Weight=(Values[0] * Values[1] * Values[1] * Values[2] * Values[4]); value=value*1000; document.calculator.weight.value=""; unit in DENSITY UNIT selection box for weight document.calculator.imgunits.src="" Aramith Belgian Made Pure Phenolic Pool/Billiard Ball Set. if(Shape=="4")/*Octagon Points*/ one glass toy marble with a diameter of 3/4 inches. Weight=(Values[0] * 0.5236 * Values[1] * Values[1] * Values[1] * Values[4]); if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="7")&&(val2=="")){ MatlSelect=document.calculator.material.options[document.calculator.material.selectedIndex].value; if((val1=="")){ Marbles larger than this are often used for decorating purposes. The concept is … Core Marble Ball Telescoping 1 in. James Harvey Leighton received a patent in 1903 and began making the marbles on his machine. ans*16.4 (conversion factor from in3 to … Weight=(Values[0] * 0.785398 * ((Values[1] * Values[1]) - (Values[2] * Values[2])) * Values[3] * Values[4]); Clear & Colorful Blue Yellow Orange Colors Vintage Glass or Marble Ball Balls Shooter Marbles Toy Puzzle Games Lot 15 Piece 2 BONUS 17 Total lizystuff. } if((Weight<"1000")&&(Weight>="0.0001")){ What would a three inch diameter lead ball weigh? You will now have a structure which concrete can be poured in. So, it depends entirely on the size and thickness of the marble. Values[0]=DensityConverter(Values[0],Units[0]); Make Values[3]=document.calculator.value3.value; } document.calculator.img2.src=""; if(unit=="1") Weight=(Values[0] * 0.707327 * Values[1] * Values[1] * Values[2] * Values[4]); 9 years ago. Note — the actual top of your concrete table will be very smooth because it will cure against the smooth and flat melamine surfaces.The part that you screed and trowel later on will actually be the bottom side. value at 1 if you wish to make unit weight calculation. Elevator. /*Rounding really really small pounds*/ value=value*0.03613; "); } 5 … hit ENTER key or click on CALCULATE button. * Stone * Miscellaneous, Important notice: all weight calculation results if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="1")&&(val2=="")){ document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; } alert("You must enter values for both Density and Quantity to calculate total weight. } if(unit=="1") } if(unit=="3") } When you buy a Mistana™ Mariana Core Marble Ball Telescoping Drapery Double Curtain Rod online from Wayfair, we make it as easy as possible for you to find out when your product will be delivered. document.calculator.Submit.value="Calculate"; document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; if((selShape=="0"||selShape=="7")&&(val1=="")){ * Fill in the dimensions of your material referring if(unit=="2") - 72 in. document.calculator.units3.selectedIndex="3"; alert("You must enter a value for each dimension. Festival of Sacrifice: The Past and Present of the Islamic Holiday of Eid al-Adha. } They are each about the same size of those small bouncy balls you find at machines that cost a quarter. density of marble, solid is equal to 2 711 kg/m³; at 25.2°C (77.36°F or 298.35K) at standard atmospheric pressure. document.calculator.units1.selectedIndex="3"; MatlSelect=document.calculator.material.options[document.calculator.material.selectedIndex].value; } Multiply the number of square feet of tile you need by the weight of one square foot of tile (from Step 3) to determine the total weight of marble tile you need. Values[1]=UnitConverter(Values[1],Units[1]); "); * Put in the total quantity or just leave the value at 1 if you wish to make unit weight calculation. Will 5G Impact Our Cell Phone Plans (or Our Health?! document.calculator.weight2.value=""; MatlSelect=document.calculator.material.selectedIndex; } "}else{A+=" "}}if(""==(""+A)){document.getElementById("sciOutPut").innerHTML=" "}else{document.getElementById("sciOutPut").innerHTML=A}}function evalx(){if(level==0){return false}op=uI[0].op;Qk=uI[0].value;if(op=="+"){value=parseFloat(Qk)+value}else{if(op=="-"){value=Qk-value}else{if(op=="*"){value=Qk*value}else{if(op=="/"){value=Qk/value}else{if(op=="pow"){value=Math.pow(Qk,value)}else{if(op=="apow"){value=Math.pow(Qk,1/value)}}}}}}pop();if(op=="("){return false}return true}function popen(){enter();if(!push(0,"(",0)){value="NAN"}refresh()}function pclose(){enter();while(evalx()){}refresh()}function opt(A){enter();if(A=="+"||A=="-"){vg=1}else{if(A=="*"||A=="/"){vg=2}else{if(A=="pow"||A=="apow"){vg=3}}}if(level>0&&vg<=uI[0].vg){evalx()}if(!push(value,A,vg)){value="NAN"}refresh()}function enter(){if(exponent){value=value*Math.exp(Hj*Math.LN10)}entered=true;exponent=false;decimal=0;fixed=0}function numInput(A){if(entered){value=0;digits=0;entered=false}if(A==0&&digits==0){refresh();return }if(exponent){if(Hj<0){A=-A}if(digits<3){Hj=Hj*10+A;++digits;refresh()}return }if(value<0){A=-A}if(digits0){decimal=decimal*10;value=value+(A/decimal);++fixed}else{value=value*10+A}}refresh()}function exp(){if(entered||exponent){return }exponent=true;Hj=0;digits=0;decimal=0;refresh()}function func(D){enter();if(D=="1/x"){value=1/value}if(D=="pc"){value=value/100}if(D=="qc"){value=value/1000}else{if(D=="swap"){var B=value;value=uI[0].value;uI[0].value=B}else{if(D=="n! However, the weight of a glass marble varies depending on the size of the marble and the glass used to make the marble. However, the weight of a glass marble varies depending on the size of the marble and the glass used to make the marble. calculation, * You can also select CUSTOM in material selection Find here Marble Ball wholesaler & Wholesale Dealers in India. document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; var Values=new Array(5); "); - 120 in. } document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; } document.calculator.imgshape.src=""; document.calculator.img1.src=""; if(selShape=="0"){ "+H}}return E}function refresh(){var A=format(value);if(exponent){if(Hj<0){A+=" "+Hj}else{A+=" +"+Hj}}if(A.indexOf(". value=value*100; document.calculator.Submit.value="Calculate"; * Select the shape or profile of the material Contact us at: Values[4]=UnitConverter(Values[4],"cm"); 0.75^3*4/3*pi = volume in in3. document.calculator.units0.selectedIndex="0"; Units[2]=document.calculator.units2.options[document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex].text; document.calculator.img1.src=""; Weight=(Values[0] * Values[1] * Values[2] * Values[3] * Values[4]); 95" clear cord. return false; WeightTemp=Weight*100000000; Values[4]=document.calculator.qty.value; /*Rounding kilograms*/ document.calculator.units2.selectedIndex="3"; if(Weight<"0.0001"){ Anonymous.

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