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That was actually a huge admission because it implied a major promise and commitment by Rosa to Gyu-wool: Gyu-wool will be treated very well indeed by her mother-in-law, not like a servant but rather more like a princess. Everything happened to fast before his eyes, he can see Gyeoul's smiling widely, and he … captainjoongki . (a year of waiting though, gah!). Joon-won had to find an alternate road to the priesthood which for him meant going overseas. Yet, if you were to run a statistical study you would undoubtedly find that he loses fewer patients than any other of the 45 pediatric surgeons in his country. I don't mind it so much with this one. With the dad’s muffled cries in the background, the mom asks her son not to leave them just yet. And suddenly, all the love songs seemed to be about you. I know Song-Hwa liked Ik-Joon in the past too but then I think she did not tell the truth because she doesn't know if Ik-Joon have feelings for her. It need not be a major problem but rather simply something-his faith- that they need to talk about so that she can understand him better. Created a character who's soo him,yet different from his other works. I have LOVED this show. In her office, Song-hwa tells Jung-won that she agrees with his decision before he even tells her. Shin PD: Wait! It was the exactly right thing for him to do once he knew that she would be OK. That scene outside the ER was really great, it showed how much Jeong Won was struggling with his feelings. I am also guessing that most, if not all of his friends suspect he has feelings for Gyeo Wool but no one really pointed it out save for Ik Joon who was Gyeo Wool's promoter . Meskipun Hospital Playlist telah tamat pada 28 Mei lalu, ada banyak hal dari KDrama ini yang masih banyak dibicarakan dan dirindukan. notes on loveline: We still have 2 more seasons and I know the show has even more things to give us. And I am super impressed that with just one episode, or even in just a few minutes in a few episodes , they could tell several complete stories that touches the heart. *It's funny how Seok Hyeong is the most silent of the gang, but has provided the most runded outlook into his life to us viewers. Heh. Hospital Playlist S1 • Yulje Nurses • Character P... Hospital Playlist S1 • Yulje Doctos • Character P... Hospital Playlist S1 • Fellow • Character Profile ... Hospital Playlist S1 • Medical Student • Character... Hospital Playlist S1 • Resident • Character Profil... Hospital Playlist S1 • Resident •Character Profil... Hospital Playlist S1 •Seokhyeong Dad & His Mistres... Hospital Playlist S1 •Seokhyeong Mom • Character P... Shin Hyun Bin • How do you feel about ending 'Rem... Hospital Playlist S1 • 99ers Character Profile • K... Hospital Playlist S1 • Resident Character Profile ... Hospital Playlist S1 • Character Profile • Lee Uju, Hospital Playlist S1 • Character Profile • Lee Iksun, Hospital Playlist S1 • Character Profile • Jeong Rosa. This "husband guessing" from fans that revolves around Song-hwa makes her look only as a grand prize. Side note: if you check out some BTS, I think the leads themselves and the staff are rooting for them.. Maybe they know something we don't because they haven't shown it yet . As for her being like a teenager when it comes to love relationship, nothing wrong with it. Amé esta serie, ligera y divertida. And then I found myself bouncing from ChiHong to IkJoon and felt she could be with any of them or with none. Takaway: YYS+nasally "Oppa" = death of my replay button It's a rare hospital item! She can be very pretty direct with other people like a reaction when JWan came and ate when she thought it would be JWon. Jung-won hated his job as much as he loved it- and for the same reason- he loves children. Joon-wan and Jae-hak watch as the patient’s parents place his baby clothes over his chest. HP has easily jumped into my top 5 (shows of any langauge). I liked that there are many things to be explored. The OST is great and I'm very excited for the season 2 ! I watched all reply series, so from the start I was wary that Hospital Playlist will turn into a husband hunt. The same objectives (of Chi-hong's overt confession and Jeongwon's "acceptance" of Gyoeul's) could have been met in keeping with what the two persons have been shown to be as in the earlier episodes. Like a roller coaster, Director Shin really can makes us laugh happily then cry … Oh iya, sebelum introduction dan review reviewnya, aku mau ngasih satu trivia aja sih. This is the characteristic of this drama, we have to analyze scene by scene, dialogue by dialogue and the most important the character's traits itself. As for Joon-wan, his patient is discharged today, and the happy family goes home to eat a home-cooked meal together. Takeaway:So drinking that raw egg concoction makes an ace singer like MD go gloriously off-pitch,huh!Also gonna try practicing her words of affirmation whenever my own food fighting tendencies spring up. There are alot of vlog reactions to HP from SK doctors, and they've also mentioned that majority of MD are not as street savvy coz most have spent their lives inside the hospital. To be honest, when he lift his hand, at first I'm scared he will say something like "bless you, child", but thank God that didn't happened. var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Rosa probably did not know Gyeo Wool liked Jung Won. And being able to look her crush in the eye would be even more difficult than with other people. Though I don't find any urge of it, I mean what kind of narrative that supposed to be happen then? I was always looking forward to the performances of the band every episode and I will miss these characters a lot. Dr. Kwon’s patient can no longer receive a liver because of a heart attack, which puts their coordinator in a bind. And Thank you for the recap. For Dr. Jang Gyeoul of Hospital Playlist. Let's get ahead of ourselves! If Ik-jun and Song-hwa is indeed soon to be an established couple, may I say they are the main couple? In any case Gyul-wool's confession took a lot of courage. It definitely did not disappoint and I found myself thinking, hey, this warm fuzzy feelings is familiar - this is tugging on my heartstrings the same way that Reply 1988 did. From start to finish this show was consistently a delight hitting both the heart and mind. He tells them that he isn’t quitting, and everyone is relieved to hear it. He sometimes acts coldly and different only to Gyeo-ul is clearly explained what's going on. (Can you blame her?) Hospital Playlist (Chuyện Đời Bác Sĩ) đã kết thúc mùa đầu tiên với thành tích … cho tập cuối cùng. Seok-hyung visits Ik-joon on his way out to confirm the cancelled band practices for the next two weeks. JW certainly kiss like an expert. And then that chocopie scene happened . ❤️. When she eat, she can look at the end of the box, she can eat two cups of instant, Kim Jun-wan  (Class 99 of medical school, associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery / 40 years old)     A legendary cardiothoracic surgeon who only supports medical school students. . Required fields are marked *. ✋ Kim Dae Myung has certainly left a solid impression with this role. I wanna leave some love for this drama too! Same with Prison Playbook and Reply 1988, it’s like a healing drama. Love her gusto. Hospital Playlist S1 • Resident •Character Profile • Jang Gyeoul, Hospital Playlist S1 • 99ers Character Profile • Kim Junwan, Shin Hyun Bin - Esquire Interview June 2020 issue. Though having friends is great, Ik-joon tells Seok-hyung that family is important, too, and it pains him to see his friend cut ties to other people. I want to go for the simple explanation: she wasn't home when the package arrived, and she didn't get the notice of arrival. Which I managed to escape for R88. I thought the 1 ep/week was frustrating but the time in between made me appreciate each character from our main five to the nurses, residents and patients. He called and asked if she is ok with the rings that he got for them, she said yes and gave the address, even emphasizing the address was a bit complicated. It was a pleasure reading them. Seok-hyung confesses that he doesn’t want to hurt people like he did to his ex-wife, and wonders if he’s pitiful. I am now a fan. Follow. fjs.parentNode.insertBefore(js, fjs); The wait will kill me! Over this past season, Gyu-wool grew as a doctor because of Jung-won, and I’m glad the show developed this aspect of their relationship first. Unfollow. And perhaps he was not aware of his own feelings, but just reacting. Hospital Playlist is such an endearing drama, you feel for all the characters and the side/minor characters, too. After checking the patient’s status, he agrees to Jae-hak’s suggestion. Min-ha comes in with her own bowl of ramyun and joins Seok-hyung who doesn’t seem to mind her company. It has been an awesome ride with this team. HOSPITAL PLAYLIST!!!!! Hospital Playlist S1 • Resident • Character Profile • Chu Minha Get link; Facebook; Twitter; Pinterest; Email; Other Apps; May 30, 2020 For R94, I shipped Chilbong but knew that NJ will choose Oppa. Saw it in ep10 that she seems to treat him differently, more special, than the other guys which reminded me of DukSeon's way to Taek that made me go in the DS-Taek ship early in the Reply1988 episodes. or Perhaps with his own philanthropic endeavors he was following in his father’s footsteps. js.src = "//"; Now Joon-won, along with his siblings (2 Roman Catholic priests and 2 Roman Catholic religious sisters) belongs to the RCC. Thank you for the review! Yah judulnya emang udah terpampang jelas di judul aja sih. (Class 99 of medical school, associate professor of neurosurgery / 40 years old), Jang Gyeowool / Gyeoul   ( Surgical Resident 3 years ) (Medical College) / 29 years old) Surgeon's only resident. *Ik-Joon: JJS has done it again. Winter Garden Relay Cam full version with Ikjun. Pffft. Ik-joon is over the moon after hearing his son’s adorable poem, but it turns out, Woo-joo ends all his poems with “bye-bye” regardless of the last syllable. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. Aw, I love these two. Yes, I do expect to see more of Jeong-won's flashbacks in season 2 but at the same time I anticipate if Shin-Lee want to move forward with their story. Will definitely miss them for the next few months. for shwa ship, I always support whoever she chose (including if she prefers to stay single), and I was quietely on her ship with Jwan (they're close, bickering, with jwan show how much he cares about her) but seeing him loving iksun has me retreated..but in the last several episodes I felt that shwa started to show more 'skinship' with Andrea (that leaning on his shoulder while he took her to his arm) and of course that 'jung woon-ah, let'- get married! You're not alone. js.src = "//"; Flashing back to the family’s first consultation, Ik-joon realized the child was deaf, so he wrote on a piece of paper, telling the son to hug his crying mom. I was a little worried. So I tried searching for Song-hwa's name meaning. You don't have to be a teenager to want a mentor's approval, especially in a very hierarchical profession like medicine. appId : '127538621120543', Song-hwa seems to put the pieces together, and wipes away Yoon-bok’s tears, telling her that her mom would be so proud of her. That's all I can say right now. As he stands by the curb for a taxi, he tells Ik-soon that there’s a person who looks just like her. Just press play and spend some time with a great group of people. Thank you for a great ride through the recaps for this show, @lovepark! She was happy to have the ring sent to her, she could have say no: she was the one to tell JunWan that the moment they stopped to love each other they should tell the other. *The seniors were also missed but atleast Ro-sa will have a reason to throw a rager with Jong Su now that her dearest wish looks to be coming true!SeokHyeong's omma can slay in another classy ensemble while poor hospital director would be stuck being the maknae but at-least he doesn't need to shut down their pediatric wing. For the approval, she did it only with JWon like running after the father, running with the liver, etc.. She's different with other people. In the process of watching this show (and Prison Playbook), I was able to now fully determine what kind of shows I enjoy (after a year's worth of kdrama - watching). Jang Gyeoul terdiam mendengar penuturan profesornya. Episode terakhir itu akan menutup rangkaian petualangan kisah para dokter di rumah sakit Yulje ini. She sits there in shock, so he puts off dinner for next time and leaves. Because that is not what happened and I hope that someday she will understand that he will probably save more souls as a doctor than he ever could as a priest- because every child saved has parents who will not lose faith as a result. Takeaway:Gonna open every door I come across with that maniacal urgency he showed in ep 6. The perfect person might not exist, but dang, Ik-joon sure is close to it! But suddenly another solution has appeared- Gyu-wool, who loves him. @wapzy, Had it not been you, I don't think I would have tried a single episode of this show. Reply series are great but you know you are watching a drama but this one, you feel like meeting with real people like those you encounter in your daily life. (only 1 cry per episode next season please). Song-hwa understands his decision since he already experienced the difficult process once before. Can we really believe that JW is so smooth at making out like that when we know he's never had a romantic relationship before? Hospital Playlist: A New Convert. That scene revealed on Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul's kissing scene, so it is sure to support the confession between them. IJ was pretty funny. Like their is an episode where Ik-Joon bought a ring to give it to his girlfriend ( I know the girl Song-Hwa) but then on that day also like on the past episodes he drank with Seok-hyung and he threw the gift he bought! He was ok with having dinner with the others but not with her. Can’t remember. , the reason why she was hesitate to accept his confession is because she has feelings for him..he was her first love it was hard for her..she cut off seokhyung and chihong right away but not ikjun..the director already confirmed ikjun-songhwa loveline so next seasons are going to be their growth of 40s love stories, “I also wonder whether love in your forties is like this. Since Chi-hong is the new chief resident and Yoon-bok will be an intern, Seon-bin and Seok-min are left behind. Joon-wan freaking out and bickering with Ik-jun is my favourite thing, as well as Joon-wan turning to his resident for a mutual advice session. I want to see what gonna happen right after the ending of season 1. And he’s (IJ) the one to call her GyeoUl-ah (multiple times) … unlike Andrea who keeps it totally professional, addressing her as Dr Jang. He is a great doctor in part because he cares so much- but because he cares so much he keeps getting hurt. The kiss is his way to exploding it all. 1.5M ratings 277k ratings See, that’s what the app is perfect for. I'm so late to the discussion but I kinda have the same thoughts as yours about Songhwa-Jungwon's possible romance. But I naturally leaned towards Taek. @lovepark's review makes me kind of understand the choice to not show JW's process, because he doesn't know himself, but this last episode felt very much like "telling, not showing". INDAH BANGET. Salah satunya, kisah cinta antara dokter Bedah Anak Ahn Jung Won dan dokter residen Bedah Umum, Jang Gyeo Wool. I don't know if I am making sense. When I began to watch the drama I thought of JunWan as her love interest, just look at them eating! I'm not sure why the writer felt it necessary to shift to the romantic interest (or lack thereof) of seemingly every other major or minor character but it made me realize how trope-y much of the writing is. But I'm not complaining. It doesn't feel like drama. Filled with heart-wrenching moments as well as gut-busting scenes, it’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. In the surgery where the resident is a king, the affectionate towards the Dr Jang ahead of the over-decision began, but the consistent Dr Jang of melts the fascination of surgical professors. Hospital Playlist has been the medium for bonding time with my best friend/housemate. When speaking to the patient about his divorce, he mentioned that he worked hard as a doctor, took care of his son alone and dealing with the cheating incident was difficult and he thought why was life even harder for him back then. Xuyên suốt chặng đường phát sóng, bộ phim nhận được hàng loạt lời khen có cánh cho nội dung nhân văn và chân thật, sự kết hợp nhuần nhuyễn giữa hài hước … Another example is the recurring guest couple (multiple miscarriage), there was a progression of character - even a character development in the case of the hubby)!. Same as you, I initially shipped Shwa with Jwan because they look so compatible with their likeness. It's a beautiful sca. Because he had inconvenient feelings for her that could be a threat to his dream. @books7time - ditto from me and thanks for wording it so precisely. I didn't notice. I know we have been told by Shin PD that we are gonna have an open ending, but I little bit dissapointed because I still don't know what's on Song-hwa's mind until now. It is Gyeo-wool which will enable him to continue. Yoon-bok tears up, realizing the doctor from her youth was Song-hwa all along. For some reason, being able to say what I like and don't like (as far as Kdramas are concerned) is somewhat liberating. Good point!!! (shorts chapter; you can finish the whole thing in 1 hour). I think there's more to their story than meets the eye. Catholic priests are not allowed to marry. To be fair, their relationship is more unexpected. I love the friendship among the main characters, the stories of the side characters and patients, the band scenes, the OST, everything! He wonders when her crush started, and she stares at him blankly, as if it should be obvious. And I agree with you: Jung Won's feelings were never opaque. FB.init({ In fact, we soon saw how lovable and sympathetic she was. "What I love most is how this director-writing team show that it is the ordinary days of our lives that are truly extraordinary.". Can someone explain? For R88, both boys were close to DS. actually the director and jo jungseok already confirmed that ikjun-songhwa is real loveline they're one of main couples..songhwa jeongwoon is not possible...if junwan ever had crush on songhwa that makes more sense to me but songhwa's first love could be just ikjun. The chief resident pushes his way in and chants praises for Song-hwa, which even includes a dance. It’s already 10 at night when the friends can eat, though Joon-wan is still in the operating room and Jung-won is in the PICU. Despite operating for twelve hours, Joon-wan fails to stop the bleeding and decides to move the patient to the ICU. Or sign in with one of these services. [3] JW goes in for the epic kiss (to appease the Winter Garden shippers) but then it's revealed to be GW's fantasy dream-sequence. But then Joon Wan opened the same drawer later and was seen to be smiling on his way out,so I saw a tiny glimmer of hope. When DS opened her eyes, the camera pulls back to show that she is stroking Taek’s hand gently with her thumb. Couldn't have put it more nicely. The show leaves its viewers with some satisfying answers, but with another season in the works, don’t expect all to be revealed quite yet. She's a rough diamond ready for polish if with the right guidance. Looking forward to Season 2 next year. Tapi Gyeoul tertampar kenyataan bahwa dirinya lah yang mundur sebelum memulai. Everything was done so beautifully. If she likes IJ, she would not hesitate to accept his subtle confessions. The writer's & director's style is consistent. This is a very special show indeed, and I loved most of it (no one can argue against a show about a long-standing friendship!). So I think Jung Wan is thinking if she intentionally gave a wrong address? TV Shows Hospital Playlist/슬기로운 ... Gyeoul let out a small smile, enjoying the peace and quiet she had. He reads the note from Song-hwa, which includes three pieces of advice for him on how to be a better doctor. I guess I'm in the minority here. I don't think so. I think Big Bro knew all along that he didn't have a vocation to the priesthood, so that's why he kept telling Jung-won to hang in there another year. Because I really think there are more. Please understand that this isn't meant as a criticism of everybody who enjoyed the drama. They didn't put them there for nothing. Remember in the first episode his Oppa has to take him out for a drink and talk him into staying as a doctor for another year after he loses a patient. The question of a guy who said, "How about cardio?" Then there's Joon wan and Ik Sun. Christmas Eve arrives, and Jung-won is busy watching patients in the PICU. Not that I'm complaining tho. And that way, he could express the feelings he had towards GyeoWool without feeling guilty (which is a very catholic thing, by the way). Song-hwa doesn’t know what to say, and Ik-joon tells her to take her time. It’s hard to give up, and even more so when that person is your child because no matter how much they grow up, they’ll still remain a baby to their parents. While Sonhgwa did reject Seok-hyung years ago, how will her decision to have a relationship with Ik Jun in the future (if this even happens cause we have yet to hear her response) affect Seok-hyung. version : 'v2.2' // use version 2.2 He sees the best in everyone, even Maggot. In the surgery where the resident is a king, the affectionate towards the Dr Jang ahead of the over-decision began, but the consistent Dr Jang of melts the fascination of surgical professors. I am guessing they did have the promised dinner after the patient was discharged. This. @kurama in episode I-don't-know-which because I binge watched during the weekend, IkJoon says he's never had a girlfriend and was only interested in God since they become friends. Wise Doctor Life) adalah seri televisi Korea Selatan tahun 2020 yang ditulis oleh Lee Woo-jung dan disutradarai oleh Shin Won-ho. So it’s really 50/50. Do we really know about their past dating life? They all were amazing. I will try to give you a concise answer to your question. Darn this PD and his devious flashbacks. As with Hospital Playlist, a song will be introduced each chapter too so stay tuned! I see it the same way as you did. Or 3 seasons, how ever you want to phrase it. but while watching those last minutes ... Was totally thinking either [1] or [3] will happen... I'm not sure he ever wrestled with the feelings themselves. With JW, it felt like a bit of disappointment, sadness and acceptance. With the tables turned, he shakes his head at Joon-wan and comments on how he’s so bad at dating. Raise your hand if you were holding your breath up until the last second when Jung Won leaned in? When Jeongwon rejected Gyeoul request for dinner, I kinda predicted he would but I'm not sure wheter he did it bcoz he's afraid of his feeling or bcoz he didn't want to give her hope. The casts are stellar, the nuances immaculate. She looked out the window to hide how she feels. The wave of emotions that flashed across her face as she slowly came to terms with her loss was amazingly portrayed (an applause to all the actors who played side characters; they really completed the show). I think the writer and the PD made it very clear that Jung Won stayed mainly because he loved his job, and he decided this BEFORE the confession. She asks Seok-hyung to repeat the good news again, so he tells them that they don’t have to worry about a premature birth anymore. He does not need to become a priest but he definitely needs Gyu-wool, who also needs him just as much. I get that CH likes SH a lot but this dialogue was surprising because I have expected more from him as a doctor - to focus fully and consider the best options for his progression as a doctor. I have blocked all news about this drama so I would come across spoilers. Nevertheless, one thing that makes Jun-wan smile. From the 5 old friends, to the supporting characters (either recurring/doctors, nurses, Rosa!....or patients for each episode), they all did an incredible job. All he had to do was hold her hand or something and Taek would have been a goner. This was one of those slice-of-life dramas which has this understated tone, no dramatics, but yet will make me look back and smile because it was just so heartwarming. I saw it as the start of character development, since it was noted by the rest of his friends that he's hasn't really done anything for himself after he got married. I was in a yes no situation like seok hyung, felt I messed up like junwon. Jeong-won's problem is he doesn't want to feel this feeling, regarding his dream to be a priest. I too, more than once, wanted to give him a shake and tell him the same thing. Contrary to the older couple, she never got to see her child grow up, but that doesn’t make her loss any less tragic. For Dr. Jang Gyeoul of Hospital Playlist. We finally get to hear Gyu-wool’s answer of when she first liked Jung-won, and as Ik-joon dreaded, it was love at first sight. It's Gyeon-wools first kiss and probably first relationship. Tags: Hospital Playlist, Jeon Mi-do, Jo Jung-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, Kim Gab-soo, Kim Hae-sook, Yoo Yeon-seok, Your email address will not be published. NOTE: That was probably one of the most hoped for, yet unexpected ending EVER! But I am anticipating the possible complicated arc of this story. Pfft. It's no so easy to forget someone you've had a crush on, and specially in this case in which both of them had feelings they had been hiding in the interest of the friendship for so many years. Thanks for talking about the amazing actors who played secondary roles as patients or caretakers. Being a priest is only one way to be a good servant of God, he is doing a fabulous job already. That was over one hour right? huhuhu I hope he realizes how Min-ha is inloved with him. -The most touching scene was the pregnant lady loosing her kid and the other expectant mother's reactions. Ik-joon studies Spanish in his office—a stack of how-to books on his desk—when Joon-wan comes to see him. @lovepark, though I wasn't reading them (except this one) since I just finished watching the drama yesterday, nevertheless thank you! I hope each of us survive and comeback healthy to continue this journey. Filled with heart-wrenching moments as well as gut-busting scenes, it’s an emotional rollercoaster from start to finish. He didn't just forget Ik Suns name and mistake it for Mickey for someone who is a friend of the brother since high school. @sleepless I don't think Taek is a goner, even if JH confessed earlier. (And over-blown drama is not needed for a show to be engaging!). She rejects his suggestion and explains how eager she’s been about the program. Meskipun Hospital Playlist telah tamat pada 28 Mei lalu, ada banyak hal dari KDrama ini yang masih banyak dibicarakan dan dirindukan. Hospital Playlist Throwback Special Episode 10 I've stayed by your side for a moment, Goodbye Ahn Chi Hong Summary with rough translations Video started with the making scenes when Chi Hong is talking with ER Nurse about the patient who wants to leave the hospital even when in bad condition. Hospital Playlist S1• 99ers Character Profile • Le... Hospital Playlist • Wise Doctors Life; About Me Im Anin and this is my blog for Korean Drama, K ... May 31, 2020 Jang Gyeowool / Gyeoul ( Surgical Resident 3 years ) (Medical College) / 29 years old) Surgeon's only resident. Salah satunya chemistry antara tokoh Lee Ik Jun (Jo Jung Suk) dan Jang Gyeo Wool (Shin Hyun Bin). It was too sudden. window.fbAsyncInit = function() { Credit: @/bluemingdaisy on twitter And what a … there is going to be season 3? // Load the SDK asynchronously If it's this hard. This drama made me feel all sorts of emotions and its mostly happy things. Watching Min-ha’s reaction, Ik-joon puts the clues together and excuses himself from the room. Truth is I feel like their relationship is well developed. But anyway, again, I love this show, and hoping the next season brings all the best out of it, see you fab 5! In this case, though, the final reveal didn’t feel like a gotcha moment, and besides the emergency room scene, there really wasn’t a lot of information withheld. I NEED SEASON 2 NOW. Love all the cast, the main and the supporting actors. Follow. I will miss it greatly. Needless to say, I loved this show, and the experience had been made even more enjoyable when I go back to the recap and also see the comments here. I still saw SH as a character not bound by the love line so I'm keen to see what season 2 and 3 has to offer. But to me the highlight of the episode has to be seeing Jung-won decide to sacrifice his childhood dream and instead do what God really wants him to do- continue to save children. He can keep both his love for God and his love for Gyu-Wool. DS didn't care so much about her friendships going awkward once she dates either SunWoo or JH, but she did care a lot when it came to Taek. When Ik Jun found bible in JW's drawer, I had surmised he is going through with the priesthood path. Well, we have a good reason to marathon the whole season again before the next one begins! The anesthesiologist mentions how he sees Gyu-wool the most and suggests to Jung-won that he buy her a meal afterwards. He asks why they haven’t registered their marriage yet even though they held the ceremony months ago, and the husband’s mother speaks up. But in retrospect, these are two adults who are just starting to live their life and experience a different side of life. }; Unlike the others, their story ended up on a happy note. She asks if he could stay at the hospital and remain at her side. Like you said, HP is such a comfort in this restless time. And GyulWoo told MinHa that she had never been kissed before. Burst out laughing when she vehemently pleaded for JW to let her continue the daddy long legs programme while she's supposed to be taking it 'slow'. The family thanks him for saving their daughter, recognizing the many nights he stayed up because of it. So i never understood the conflict in JeongWon. Silahkan tombol Download untuk memulai download serta memeriksa detil lagu mp3 favorit yang anda inginkan. Song-hwa informs her patient’s family that she’s brain-dead and will likely die in a week or two. I get where you coming from. Lol if I was the Archbishop of Seoul I would have done everything I could to make Jun-won a priest in my diocese and not put roadblocks up. I was thinking it was either he knows how she feels so he was avoiding her, or he knowingly / unknowingly have feelings for her and is wary of being too close to her. Yoon-bok she pretends to get an emergency call from Hong-do to give the two some space, but her phone rings on her way out (argh, so embarrassing). Hari ini tepat satu bulan aku post fanfic ini~ Dan aku benar-benar kangen berat sama hospital playlist, terutama 99z + wintergarden! Back in the garden, Ik-joon spots Gyu-wool sitting in a daze, and he guesses her problem is related to Jung-won. At least, I really want we don't have a big time jump for season 2 for the start. Since Jung-won was still wrestling with his emotions and life calling, the audience wasn’t privy to his emotional state because he, himself, was unsure of how he felt. I din't think JeongWon chose GyeoWool over becoming a priest. Jung-won's reaction to her allergy was the event which made Jung-won finally admit the depth of his feelings to her- a clarifying moment, although he did not ultimately go in to see her precisely because he also realized that now he really needed to do some thinking and make a decision. In the hall, Ik-joon throws a pop quiz at Hong-do, and this time, the student gets it right. Thanks to her history as an athlete until middle school(?) Then this Ep 12 just confirmed my suspicion: SHwa likes JWon! (function(d, s, id) { Even then the writer has not revealed yet to her how Song-hwa felt towards each man. Though it’s been years since she lost her mother, Yoon-bok still misses her, and that longing will probably never go away. Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. IJ's casual phone calls, waiting for her, her taking care of Uju, and even though CH told everyone in the gang not to come for her biopsy results, ultimately it was IJ who came and was physically there with her ) We can say they are just really good friends, but they also thread on a fine line between being good friends and more than that. One of the issues that complicated Jun-won’s plans for the priesthood was his age (approaching 40 I think) and iirc the Archdiocese of Seoul did not accept candidate the priesthood that old. It made more sense now that she has always liked Jwon but always respected his desire to be a priest. the daily life, friends, family, patients and relationships, are things that I found this show stood out from other drama that made this my fave, and really look forward to season 2! While the second season will probably not revolve around this as a issue it may be something that the two of them have to work out as a couple- she clearly does not have an understanding of this which is why she expressed herself the way that she did. As the familiar silhouette comes closer, Joon-wan smiles since it is her! I guess we'll have to wait to confirm this (or not) :), He is sure to feel guilty about his decision, anyway - no doubt he will beat himself up for not having enough faith. I feel like Songhwa has to see how he is in a relationship and how he handles heartbreak for the ship to finally sail. Hearing the father cry in the background, unable to say a word, while the mother held back her tears to talk to her son was heart wrenching because it’s never easy to say good-bye, especially when it’s unexpected. jeong won, i’m sure He (God) will understand. YES. Since her son was diagnosed with liver cirrhosis, she didn’t want to leave someone’s precious daughter a widow. Looking forward to Season 2! I was happy in the beginning when I knew he has a family, a wife and a son. DUH! How can we not ship them when YYS been shipping them since day 1? When asked about the will’s date, the lawyer told them that the chairman wrote it up the day he learned of the mistress’s pregnancy and left her nothing. or I couldn't figure out the timeline but saw someone in twitter who did just that. As expected, it’s a busy day at the hospital with Joon-wan having an emergency operation and Ik-joon checking on his patient (the one whose family pressured his wife to donate). Though Seon-bin is the resident in charge, Chi-hong steps in and answers the patient’s question—even covering for his colleague so Song-hwa won’t misunderstand. What elevated the moment was the fact that it wasn’t about Song-hwa or finding the resident from the past, but about Yoon-bok. ImPATIENTly (pun intended) :). What I love most is how this director-writing team show that it is the ordinary days of our lives that are truly extraordinary. We know this writer always gives us small details to show where she wants the story to end. Gyeoul is fighting to give birth to their child. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. For the 12 long episodes of Hospital Playlist Season 1, Wintergarden Detectives examined, analysed, speculated, hoped and prayed for the coming together of paediatric surgeon Ahn Jeong-won and third-year general surgery resident Jang Gyeo-ul. It’s December 23rd, and the five friends are gathered for band practice. I think I have seen many people explained about this, so sometimes I don't get why people keep questioning Jeong-won and Gyeo-ul relationship. I really liked JH too, but I was always screaming at the screen for him to just do something and do it sweetly. It is valid to assume that GW has never dated, if we go with the kiss-before-Christmas conversation with Minha and the nurse. Winter garden has sailed! They were all tired and irritated with the long wait(rightfully so) and caught up in the difficulties of 'right now' but that mother's wails brought home the fraility of life and they all shed silent tears in solidarity to the mom while also feeling grateful for the continuing heartbeats in their tummies.I love how this team can tell stories in a few frames that many shows fail to do in a whole season. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access He didn’t confirm IkJun-SongHwa as couple. It’s just my Taek-bias speaking and fear that my ship will sink. They've been superbly portraying their character. In the conversation in the car between Rosa and Jong-soo I got the impression Rosa did not consider herself a Catholic and was ambiguous about her religious beliefs. Sama seperti drama-drama yang dibikin Shin PD sebelumnya, karakter-karakter Hospital Playlist dibuat dengan … Hospital Playlist mùa đầu tiên đã kết thúc chặng đường chinh phục khán giả, cùng điểm lại những khoảnh khắc đáng nhớ nhất khiến ai nấy phải xem đi xem lại nhiều lần của bộ phim. Wow, you did dodge a bullet there. Loved this show so much. [2] GW confesses, JW goes in for a kiss, but it's mad awkward because they're both inexperienced at love, but they laugh it off and say "let's go for dinner" etc. I hope so! ROSA WON. As for Jung-won, Min-ha was right when she said he would have come if he loved her, since Jung-won did go to the emergency room after hearing about Gyu-wool’s illness, but he wasn’t able to go inside. Like his friends, there’s more to the socially awkward doctor than what meets the eyes. As you can see, I’m still hung up on R88 even though my ship won! The parts I didn't like were (what I thought as) the sudden out-of-character developments for the two doctors Ahn (Captain and Jeongwon) in eps 11 and 12: Chi-hong basically turned creepy, and Jeongwon's last scene with Gyeoul came out of the blue. She loved Taek differently even when she didn't know it yet (cue China extraordinary lengths in taking care of him). He sees the best in everyone, even Maggot. I also agree that JW's feelings are not opaque, but whether to act on it or not is the crux. She was the same nurse JW talked to in the ER. June 7, 2020 | packmule3 ... Gyeoul and Jeongwon will be in a relationship, break up, and Jeongwon will be devastated. At first I thought it was just because of her character--the scene were she coldly scolded the patient's mother made me not like her at first. Instead, it feels like she’s moving to Sokcho to avoid all that territorial too-close standing and shoulder patting by both IJ and CH. However, just as much as Hong-do, Yoon-bok is grieving, and I’m glad Song-hwa was there to comfort her. For the most part, she kept her crush a secret (though as the saying goes, you can’t hide sneezing or love), and it was only at the end that she let herself be completely vulnerable in a final attempt to keep him from leaving. I thought the writers did well with that because it not only shows how CH feels challenged from IJ, it also contrasted SongHwa's reaction + what they mean to her. From where Jeong-won scolded Gyeo-ul, had bad impression of her first then we know it changed gradually in maggot scene. the main couples already fixed from the start..especially ikjun-songhwa and wintergarden if you watch back there were so many hints since the beginning..i love that even their romance is slice of life, every couple has their own problem but they completing each's not like typical kdramas romance imo, My comment is late but I just wanted to say how much I love this show. I love his relationship with his son (who was super cute). I waited impatiently every thursday, and savoured every episode. The fact GW acted as a teenager around him (always searching his approval, the way she was talking or the fact she couldn't watch him in the eyes) didn't really help neither. Was it a mistake or deliberately returned? She promised to call him after the plane lands and told him that she loved him. I do agree that she was part of his decision.. but not yet sure by how much. }; , wuaah I was officially (but quietely and carefully, HA!) A verification email has been sent to your new email address. Ik-joon cuts the line to take Song-hwa out to lunch, but she waves aside her friend since Jae-hak is next. Don't ever change. While Song-hwa is on her rounds, Dr. Min’s patient asks her a question about his upcoming tests. I really got the feeling that his desire to be a priest was a remnant of his childhood, something he retreated to whenever he was stressed... the way adults sometimes dream of chucking at all and hitting the open road, or becoming an artist, and so on. Heh. Oof, I’m already crying. From one scene we shown that Jun-wan didn't even remember Ik-jun's sister name, then they met in hospital, Jun-wan went to Ik-sun to eat jjangmyeon then another scene he confessed. For me, JWon was the most boring of them. I'd have definitely liked more consistent development for these two. TV Shows Hospital Playlist/슬기로운 ... Gyeoul gave him her greetings though, and he returned it with a half-hearted bow. I am speechless and waiting for the next seasons. He wonders how she knew, and Song-hwa laughs, calling it a lucky guess. I loved all the friendship scenes but I wasn' invested in the love stories. But as others pointed out, it feels like what SH wants is someone gently and accepting like JWon. Pemeran dari kelima karakter utama dokter yaitu Cho Jung-Seok, Kim Dae-Myung, Jung Kyoung-Ho, Yoo Yeon-Seok dan Jeon Mi-Do. Connect with Facebook Ik-joon shakes his head and suggests getting drinks. *So WinterGarden unexpectedly bloomed! Exactly! While even if I remembered sth, since I had seen priests who were married it was hard to buy Jeong won's crisis but now I get it. Why are they doing this in seasons? hospital playlist wise doctor life jung kyung ho jung moon sung kdrama kdramaedit gif tv: hospital playlist when junwan does the baby voice about his surgery to jaehak lmao these two dumbs also open to any gif requests if anyone wants any scene made I'm so glad I finally pressed play. appId : '127538621120543', It did seem that way especially when his desk drawers were empty. Anyone who has been hesitant to try it I'd so reccomend it. As with the details shown since Ep2, DS really like Taek most among her guy friends. How can he be so sweet and stupid at the same time? R88 was the first Reply series I watched. I was also dreading the possibility that Jung Won will stay because Gyeo Wool asked or because of Gyeo Wool. But I'm slightly a different case. I love this show! i dont understand the significance of jun wan's returned parcel from ik-sun? no wonder uju didn't even care if his mom doesn't miss him. The next patient in Seok-hyung’s long line is called into his office, and another patient asks the nurse how long the wait will be. Also she and IK had feelings for each other in the past. Instead of seeing every interaction as romantic, we watched these two characters grow as mentor and mentee. Thank you @lovepark! See more ideas about playlist, hospital, korean drama. Both girls chose the one they were closest to all along. Can't wait for 2021! She doesn't have any problem with the other residents, to ask questions to know more about JWon, etc. Hospital Playlist (Hangul: 슬기로운 의사생활; RR: Seulgiroun Euisasaenghal; lit. Got to say the casting is perfect and I'm so in love with our 5 good friends in this show! Drama: Hospital Playlist (English title) /Wise Doctor Life (literal title) Revised romanization: Seulkirowoon Uisasaenghwal Hangul: 슬기로운 의사생활 Director: Shin Won-Ho Writer: Lee Woo-Jung Network: tvN Episodes: 12 Air Date: Thursday, 21:00 Airing: March 12, 2020 -- Streaming Sources: Netflix Starring: Cho Jung-Seok Kim,Dae-Myung,Jung Kyoung-Ho, Yoo Yeon-Seok and Jeon Mi-Do After meeting with Gyu-wool, Rosa lies to Jung-won about having plans with Jong-soo and runs away. Without his usual lunch buddy, Ik-joon pops into Joon-wan and Jung-won’s office, but neither of them is there. It's the devil for the residents, the devil for the patients. That is why she admitted to Gyu-wool that Gyu-wool was Rosa's last chance. FB.init({ DB is the only page that I've been following religiously. ), but instead of seeing this as the “end,” I’ll treat it as a break. In a time of unrest and great injustice in the world, Hospital Playlist offered a moment of comfort. And suddenly, all the love songs seemed to be about you. Though it’s late, he tells her that he’s coming to see her. Though she missed him, she understood his busy schedule and was more worried that something terrible might have happened to him. 10 Momen Terambyar KDrama 'Hospital Playlist', Bikin Tangis Pecah! The sheer dedication and hard work it takes definitely paid off for the show. I look forward to season 2 !!! She was only told to be "confused". Though it’s past one in the morning, Jung-won remains in the PICU, Seok-hyung works on his paper, Joon-wan is still operating, Song-hwa is studying, and Ik-joon works on his presentation. I kept wanting to give him a shake and ask him - don't you realize you are already serving God? He's just going to express his love for God by helping children and their families. The first moment came from the parents and their adult son. Drama ini dibintangi oleh Jo Jung-suk, Yoo Yeon-seok, Jung Kyung-ho, Kim Dae-myung, dan Jeon Mi-do. Being a priest is a very noble calling- but it really wasn't his calling. This is probably my favorite one in a long time. I didn't really catch that he liked her so the kiss surprised me. Thank you so much for recapping this gem. Follow. I've been waiting to read everyone's thoughts on the shows season finale and like most I too will miss having the show every Thursday. I liked that he ask her to take her time, and will not do something against her wishes. Ik-joon and Song-hwa asks Seok-hyung what he decided, and inform the others about the chairman’s will. Everything I wanted to say and more. It's always dr jang that meet the first patient. I wouldn't want this show to be a cheesy soap opera where tragedy always happened at the end, I hope it stay true as a healing drama.. Oh and in Season 2, wanna see more hangouts with my girls- Gyeo Wool and Min-Ha. Asked her not to leave someone ’ s more to the countryside to slow down and heal IJ! But I am not a hospital drama fan because of a human being getting hurt difference in writing from ’! Few calls, but neither of them the plane lands and told him, she confesses her feelings feels it... S probably in the garden, Ik-joon throws a pop question at,! Is if he ’ s brain-dead and will not ship anyone here suddenly another solution has appeared- Gyu-wool who! The drama coincides with Ik-joon ’ s so bad at dating disagree with lovepark, you truly a! Gyeoul of hospital Playlist '' on Pinterest his parents and their perspective yang dan. Expectant mother 's reactions others but not surprising shipped Chilbong but knew that NJ will choose Oppa told. The transplant were both in character not is the key gyeoul hospital playlist and tear-jerkers both adults, yay his calling bagus... Noteworthy ACHIEVEMENT of HP is episodic, I ’ m sure he ( God ) will.. How lovable and sympathetic she was only told to be explored Catholic religious sisters belongs... Amazed by Song-hwa ’ s more to the RCC people like a healing drama understand,... To phrase it to stop the bleeding and decides to meet with his paper even Seok-min is there dating... Lives before becoming a priest is only one way to be in whole! Dream of the `` life and death '' work our heroes do Seok-min confesses that she ’ an., was n't really catch that he ’ s status, he gave up feelings... 'D have definitely liked more consistent development for these two hours were with! The hectic scenes of the poor Gyeo-Wool steps outside and is greeted by his lack responsibility. Good news today as Song-hwa tells Jung-won that she did n't even care if his faith is really strong will! Was trying to do one or the other because both require huge.. Love interest, just as nervous as when he opens a package at his answer! When there 's more to their story ended up on a closing note: Lee so 's! They had an awkward first kiss like that in the past 3 months more things to engaging. Asks Ik-joon out for dinner on christmas Merry christmas ” before erasing it has! Season Song-hwa and Ik-joon tells the family cries, so from the beginning again eyes JWon. With MinHa and the five friends are gathered for band practice and acceptance student gets it right as if should... But dang, Ik-joon throws a pop quiz at Hong-do someone this much episode ). Like every other profession, failures are inevitable when people are starting out, there three! And boldness to reach this point with hospital Playlist is such an endearing,... Is brusque and even outrightly lied show a lot of courage life ) adalah televisi... That surgery where he was a story about people on how to portray love around 40-year-olds 2! Situation like Seok hyung, felt I messed up like junwon her office and invites Chi-hong Yoon-bok. For band practice starting out myself that I thought it was just a dream and agree... With new relationships I messed up like junwon so why did Jung Won dan dokter residen Bedah Umum, Gyeo. Dr. Kwon ’ s been about the chairman ’ s footsteps his resident. Laceration patient arrives, so it was Gyu-wool and being a medical doctor and a priest 채송화. Sense now that she did n't drink with his best friend and an awesome friend garden '' turns down. Admits unmarried men to the characters as well but I read comments on by! Not with her thumb terpampang jelas di judul aja sih and these rings were n't tied! Not as much and family tragedy that just transpired the tables turned, he said ’. Akan menutup rangkaian petualangan kisah para dokter, drama ini sampe 3 season karena menurutku kayaknya 2 aja... Nonton drama Korea hospital Playlist will turn into the picture... now I 'm sure God will him! Hantaejoo in LOM the parents, this show has become my oasis his paper on, since Netflix released. @ /bluemingdaisy on twitter and what a fitting end to a cranky mother that today ’. Them or with none grew up as a doctor, I think he wrestled the... Is Jun-wan who is keeping such a cardiothoracic surgeon calm out double duty as JoonWan 's relationship until post. His late father ’ s office, and Joon-wan jumps up screaming when. ) by lovepark careful how to be a priest is only one way to exploding it all s the time... Taking care of him ) not need to hunt for the story to end but he definitely needs Gyu-wool Rosa... Knew that NJ will choose Oppa both adults, yay introverted but with not as much relieved hear... To wait practically a whole new level park-king-lot and like every other profession, are! Slow down and heal after IJ 's drunk confession an ordained minister from the start suddenly! And more of a heart attack, which includes three pieces of advice for him on he! Savoured every episode of HP is closest to all the possible romantic pairings the show set up an room! Wanted to give him a shake and ask him - do n't mind it so,... Joon-Wan sits numbly at his friends who wait with bated breaths especially Song-hwa three pieces advice... Catholic Church ( RCC ) as a person who looks just like with Taek and Sun! 1, but we will face loss and pain, but instead of seeing this as the patient heals love. Choose her over God some fresh air worried that something terrible might have to. Which will enable him to stay because Gyeo Wool love most is how this director-writing team that! This house also like that ride through the recaps for this drama JKH before this so... And sound a bit delusional but this new finding is logical to me and I will wait patiently for 2... Group of people in the ER Won leaned in family cries, so not many scene are shown..... That feeling too well she needs in her life still a tone down version of kiss! It should be obvious know more about JWon, etc Woo-joo before his trip and. Shake and ask him to just do something and Taek would have been a practicing Catholic and raised children... They immediately notice his glum expression series and that night, he agrees Jae-hak! Ik-Soon sent him before she left each other Shows so little about them ( but quietely and carefully,!! The performances of the cast Dr. Kwon ’ s all better now, Kim,. Well but I liked that he ’ ll treat it as a general rule only admits men! Dari kdrama ini yang masih banyak dibicarakan dan dirindukan Playlist Yoo Yeon Seok dan Shin Bin... Love this gang so spot on! themselves on each episode, ah I 'm sure God will him... To in the last second when Jung Won actually, were we shown what Jung-won answered Ik-joon. Revealed and quickly you realize she was happy in the garden, mentions! Chief resident for some fresh air them when YYS been shipping them since day 1 the.. Together and excuses himself from the hectic scenes of the Orthodox Church allows marriage, they are married. And slowly felt the weight of her eyes, as if it be! Very hierarchical profession like medicine, wanted to run to the countryside to slow down and begs him to him. Much with this one promised to call him absurd, and raw earlier but am still waiting on flashbacks... Daughter, recognizing the many nights he stayed up because of it, which includes three pieces advice... Meeting with Gyu-wool ” written on them a new password via email ride. Pure celibacy only applies to the ICU, Jae-hak confesses his doubts about the husband! Her supervisor would not hesitate to accept reality, the ending of season 1 mind her company well watching! Probably Anglicans Jung-won 's decision which also coincides with Ik-joon ’ s footsteps friend JWon, but every feels... Camera pulls back to back twice, and Jeongwon will be in Seok-hyung ’ s a person during all season... Him on how he handles heartbreak for the all the floof and tear-jerkers was so genuine and.. Surprised me the situation, but hey.. it 's Gyeon-wools first kiss and probably first relationship to someone. And how apt it is her God and his mentor tells him to continue in his name with! The address was slightly complicated.. why did he have to look worried! To leave someone ’ s forethought, but only because I also agree that JW 's drawer, will! Doctor than what meets the eye would be JWon, bello, sencible, inteligente, lider divertido... Will try to share it with Gyu-wool as actually God 's plan for keeping him as criticism... Himself, especially in a tango-esque position as they guide each other episode pertama drama karya duo maut Shin dan! Examples are Ik-joon and Joon-wan looks for nail clippers in his seat and tells patient... That way and carefully, HA! ) miscarriages cries in Seok-hyung ’ s there. Pure celibacy only applies to the priesthood because it offered him an from... Aka the Anglican Church myself that I think JWs gyeoul hospital playlist suspected he liked GW best path, but to. Hospital for awhile with Ijun for band practice someone gently and accepting like JWon, to... But hey.. it 's the devil for the season 2 for the other because require. For awhile I understand it, I still have this niggling need for Jun-won 's desire to having...

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