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Spun from 80% pima cotton and 20% merino wool this yarn is available in 60 colors and 2 different weights. colorways. This unique plied cabled yarn provides a beautiful texture . I do have a couple of great reference books: The Art of Fair Isle Knitting by Anne Feitelson, and Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting. Cotton Fine is the perfect choice for lightweight garments and accessories, and has a wonderful soft feel for creating baby hats, mittens, and socks. $4.75, 3/3 Chunky Wt Tropical Surf 7 oz hank $21, Sport Fiber Content: 80% pima cotton, 20% merino wool Yardage: 215 yards/100 grams Tension: 5 stitches per inch It's also a borderline DK/worsted (#3 light/#4 medium) weight, so it knits up much faster than a fingering weight yarn. $4.75, Worsted Grecian Olive seconds $11.30 sale What am I missing? Price of 10 or more only applies to website orders, Bulky 125 yds 3 sts=1"(reg retail The Brown Sheep Company makes a similar yarn, Nature Spun, from U.S. sourced and spun wool, which comes in over 80 colors, but since Bethel is primarily a warm-weather garment, I decided to use Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece yarn for this project. The Bethel Tank is one of the three projects in Knitted Tanks and Tunics that uses more than one color of yarn (the others are the Roanoke Tank and the Beverly Tank)-- but the only one that uses the stranded or Fair Isle technique. OUR MISSION. The touch of wool adds strength, resiliency, and spring. Patterns, Lamb's Pride, Naturespun and Lana Loft are Of course it's not that simple to combine multiple colors in a pleasing way; you also have to consider how to transition between colors, which colors to use for background and which for the design, and where the focal point of the design should be (and how to use color to draw the eye there). MADE in the USA. The above photo shows them in a different light than the photo I used at the end of my last post-- a good reminder that different light conditions can also affect how colors appear in photos and to the eye. Photos are from the Brown Sheep website. A wide variety of brown sheep cotton fleece options are available to you, such as supply type, technics, and use. sale $4.75, Worsted Victorian Pink seconds $11.30 sale Comments (0). Burly Spun; Cotton Fine; Cotton Fleece; Lamb's Pride Bulky; Lamb's Pride Worsted; Brown Sheep has blended 80% pima cotton and 20% wool to create a yarn that is both soft to touch and delightfully resilient. Sheep (A few useful terms: "stranded knitting" and "Fair Isle" are often used interchangeably. Both of the above books discuss color theory and how to combine different colors at some length, but I will summarize the primary tenets for color knitting as follows: #1 is somewhat a matter of personal taste, although as with sounds, colors do have inherent physical properties (wave length and all that) such that some combinations are naturally harmonious, and others, discordant. Brown Sheep Company, Inc. is committed to producing quality wool and natural fiber yarns. As you can see from the above charts, these colors can be combined in many different ways (although all except two charts include the teal, since I wanted to use that for the body of my design). YARNS: Introduction. This is my preferred use for felting. Cotton Fine is a fingering weight available in skeins or on 1/2 pound cones, great for weaving. The knitting gauge is almost exactly like Cotton Fleece so any pattern that is designed for Cotton Fleece can be used for Serendipity Tweed. The colors I chose for the book project are shown in the swatch and also in the first photo; I used the olive green for the body. We strive to maximize our customer's experience through our product offerings and service. colorways. Why? $4.75, Worsted Boysenberry marked seconds $11.30 Spun from 80% pima cotton and 20% merino wool Cotton Fleece has a wonderful handle whether working with it or wearing it. yarns > Brown Sheep > Cotton Fleece. I have knit with Cotton Fleece for years and find it to be my favorite cotton/wool blend for the very reasons that Brown Sheep reports. Bethel's stranded yoke is worked in the round from the bottom up, and then stitches are picked up from the lower (cast-on) edge and worked down for the body. A list of potential substitutes, if you can't get hold of (or can't afford) Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, with detailed advice and warnings about any differences. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. ?Great for summer apparel, baby blankets, children?s clothing, and weaving projects.? Light and airy Cotton Fleece has other cotton yarns beat! $12.40 skein), Bulky 190 yds 4 1/2 sts=1"(reg retail | Owner Deb Jones is an enthusiastic spinner, dyer, weaver, teacher and travel consultant. details. The Sheep Shed Studio offers these yarns at exceptional prices. Prime Cart. Search for: Welcome to the Fiber Garden! Comments (0), Alice Starmore's Charts for Color Knitting, Alice Starmore's Book of Fair Isle Knitting. Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep. projects (16.5k) ... Cotton Fleece from Brown Sheep. The Brown Sheep Company makes a similar yarn, Nature Spun, from U.S. sourced and spun wool, which comes in over 80 colors, but since Bethel is primarily a warm-weather garment, I decided to use Brown Sheep's Cotton Fleece yarn for this project. After playing around with these charts, I had a feeling that my favorite combo would be #2; I liked the muted contrast between Olive and Teal in the background, the subtle pop from the Orchid in the center, and finally, the Celery design seemed to stand out well enough against the Olive background. HOME. Mostly cotton, Cotton Fleece will create lightweight projects perfect for both babies and adults. The added wool provides memory and stretch ensuring easy wear for your garments and accessories. Duplicate stitch is a good way to change a few stitches on a stranded swatch so the whole thing doesn't have to be re-knitted. BROWN SHEEP Cotton Fine or Fleece Yarn – 80% Cotton + 20% Merino Wool MADE in the USA 12 ply – COTTON FINE Fingering (scale 1) – 215 YDS. Knitters with sharp eyes may note that in #3, the Olive stitches across the center were added in duplicate stitch; originally these were in Orchid, but I wasn't crazy about how that looked. The hem, neck and armholes of Bethel are all finished with an attached I-cord, which creates a simple, clean edge. Made into both baby items and an adult sweater in store. I used short rows to shape the top of the front and back along the edge of the yoke, so that it keeps its natural round shape. Yarn; Viewing as a guest user. ), I now had seven custom colors added to my Illustrator color library (clockwise from top left in first photo): Robin's Egg Blue, Celery, Plum, Orchid, Magenta, Teal and Olive. This blend keeps the soft touch of cotton with a bit of bounce for the wool. Little Knits, based in Seattle, is committed to providing the highest quality yarn and knitting supplies at the best value to our customers. faster and gives a tighter felt so that stitches disappear after CW105 Putty: CW100 Cotton Ball: CW150 Antique Lace Scroll down for complete information about this yarn. For you in warmer climates or even for you in cool climates in the summer, Cotton Fleece and Fine is made especially for you. The Fiber Garden welcomes you to our workshops, mercantile, and travel tours focused on the fiber arts. The stock levels are low at the moment because of delays from the vendors. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece is a lovely blend of mostly cotton with a touch of wool. But the crazy/fun/frustrating part is that it's not as simple as you might think to even achieve #1 and #2! Choose colors that have enough contrast so the design is visible. It is also immediately obvious from the charts that some color combinations provide much better contrast than others, notably the Plum/Celery (#4) and Magenta/Celery (#7). Cotton Fleece is 80% cotton and 20% merino wool AND it comes in over 60 colors. offers 863 brown sheep cotton fleece products. The colors in the above photo are a little more saturated than they appear in real life. I probably also should have been able to predict from the chart that #6 would have poor contrast within the design, although contrast between design and background is acceptable. AN IMPORTANT MESSAGE FROM MY SUPPLIERS. Because colors look different to the eye depending on what other colors are around them. May 03, 2018 in Bethel Tank, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, carousel, colorwork, design process, Knitted Tanks & Tunics , original pattern, short rows, stranded knitting, Yarn, Yoke, Zinnia Tank | Permalink Faded Liliac- ,unique color  $4.50 ea 18 in stock, Worsted Natural seconds $11.30 sale $4.75, Worsted French Clay seconds $11.30 sale (I did my best to get the colors to show up accurately, but again they appear a bit more saturated than in real life.) Owner Deb Jones is an enthusiastic spinner, dyer, weaver, teacher and travel consultant. 50 gr  180 yds 6 sts=1" reg $6.90, Superwash Wortsed 3.5 oz 200 yds 5 sts=1" reg $13.20, Superwash Bulky 3.5 oz  110 yds  3 sts=1"  reg $13.20, Burly Spun 100% Wool 8 oz  132 yds  2 1/2sts=1"  reg Illustrator has a library of color swatches, but it also has a spectrum that you can click on, and then you can take the resulting color and adjust the hue, saturation and lightness almost indefinitely, and save the resulting color as a new swatch to the color library. $4.75, Worsted Hurricane Seas seconds $11.30 sale Enjoy Spring Savings this week…..May 22 – May 29…..40% off Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece (must be in stock) and 30% off Brown Sheep’s Lamb Pride’s Superwash …sales price reflected in price @ Many projects have been knitted with these two lovely yarns. "Stranded knitting" refers to a style of knitting with yarns of different colors, in which the yarns not being actively knitted are carried or stranded on the wrong side of the work, as in the above photo. Although color charts or sketches can only approximate what a finished knitted colorwork swatch will look like, I figured that the closer I could get the Illustrator swatch colors to my yarn colors, the better idea I'd have of whether the various color combinations would work. *I used the runner-up stranded motif for the Zinnia Tank, also worked in Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. BROWN SHEEP CF-Cotton FINE Fingering or CW-Cotton FLEECE Lt.Worsted – Fiber 80% Cotton + 20% Merino Wool. The Fiber Garden welcomes you to our workshops, mercantile, and travel tours focused on the fiber arts. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece. Traditionally, Fair Isle knitters use a fingering (#1 super fine), Shetland wool yarn such as Jamieson's Shetland Spindrift, which comes in over 200 colors! (Hint: If using Illustrator for color charts, place the stitches for design and background in different layers so that you can easily change the color of all stitches in one chart component at once, without affecting other stitches. | and drape for every knitted garment. Online shopping from a great selection at Arts, Crafts & Sewing Store. Cotton Fleece is a DK or light worsted weight with recommended needle size 6. Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece provides you with the best of both the cotton and wool fiber worlds in this wonderfully soft yarn. stashes (13.1k) pattern ideas. sale $4.50, Worsted Hospitality is our hallmark! Started as a farming company back in the 40’s, the land the company sits on was purchased over 100 years ago by the owners great grandfather. Fair Isle is one of the Shetland Islands, which are part of Scotland, and is where Fair Isle knitting originated. We've blended 80% pima cotton and 20% wool to create . No surprise that #4 and #7 have relatively high contrast, as well as #8 (which is the same as #7 but with Teal instead of Olive). Cotton Fine is the lighter weight ‘little sister’ to Cotton Fleece – also a blend of 80% cotton, 20% wool but spun in a fingering weight. felting. The swatches that correspond to the charts are shown below. Worsted 60% Cotton, 40% Wool 210 yards / 100 grams 1410 projects. One of the unique things about Cotton Fleece is that it knits to 5sts/inch on a size 6 US needle whereas most worsted yarns use a 7 US needle to produce 5 sts/in. details. stashes (13.0k) pattern ideas. Brown Sheep Cotton Fine Yarn - Light and airy Cotton Fleece has other cotton yarns beat! I used Brown Sheep color cards to choose the yarn colors, found a few suitable stranded motifs in Alice Starmore's Charts for Color Knitting (highly recommended! This unique plied cabled yarn provides a beautiful texture and drape for every knitted garment. This is a sample store front web site that interfaces with SyteLine allowing B2B and B2C customers to receive current pricing and order placement into SyteLine. The touch of wool adds strength, resiliency, and spring. I ended up with two favorite motifs, and I went with the one that I thought would have more of the effect of a necklace in the finished design. This is due to a few reasons, let us explain. Colorway pictured: Buttercream (light yellow) & Silver Blueberry (light blue) Skein details: 215 yards/197 meters per skein // 3.5 ounces/100g per skein // 80% Pima Cotton/20% Wool // DK Weight Knitting needles: US 6, 4 mm / 20 stitches & 22 rows over 4 inches (10 cm) Crochet hook: US F-5, 3.75 mm / 20 sc & 21 rows over 4 inches (10 cm) April 15, 2016 in Adobe Illustrator, Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece, chart, colorwork, design process, Duplicate stitch, problems, stranded knitting, Swatching, tutorial | Permalink One word of caution: The darker colors of Cotton Fleece can bleed if washed in warm or hot water, so take care to use cold water when washing! Brown Sheep Yarn A family run company in the U.S., Brown Sheep has been manufacturing hand knitting yarns since the 1980’s. ), and then I did a lot of swatching, arranging the colors in different ways. Last week's post ended with many colors of yarn to play with. ", followed by 615 people on Pinterest. The Brown Sheep Company was kind enough to provide their Cotton Fleece yarn (80% cotton, 20% wool) for my book project, but rather than ask them to send more, I purchased a few more colors of Cotton Fleece (see below). projects (16.4k) comments (76) photos (5) editing. For stranded designs, the color choices are all-important: when combining yarn colors, a particular color displays very differently depending on the adjacent hues. Most of my stranded projects, like the Ferrovia collection or the Fish Isle Child's Pullover, use just two colors of yarn (although the latter uses a variegated contrast yarn, which is an easy way to add interest to simple colorwork).

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