Guess who?

Throughout this blog, I’ll be posting pictures of sports personalities for you to guess. Know who this is?

8 thoughts on “Guess who?

  1. I know. What when they are all “dolled up”, they are hardly recognizable. The lady on the photo has similar eyebrows and mole on the righ nose like Justin. Justin has darker hair though but then she could have colered them for all we know. If it is not her, I’ll continue my search.

  2. Ok, John, now I am absolutely, positively certain that the photo above is Justine Henin speaking during the inauguration of her tennis school on November 20, 2007. hahaha!

  3. Hahahahahaha! I didn’t even know she spoke at her tennis school. And you had the exact date: Nov. 20! Wow. That, too, I didn’t know. How’d you get all the details? hahahaha… I’m impressed!

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